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cc:, Philip Brohan <>
date: Wed Mar 2 16:42:00 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Query
to: Ian Harris <>, Peter Thorne <>

Dear All,
I'll elaborate on Harry's email a little and then make a suggestion. The deleted
stations were mainly duplicate ones, or ones with very little data (but had normals
from the WMO source). The changed stations may have had from 1 to N changes.
You don't yet have these files (Philip may have) and need the appropriate normals
and SD files. So, I hope you've not mixed any files sent by Harry - as you'll need
a full new set.
I don't think this is the reason, by the way. Far more likely is that the month
you're now doing is January - a new year. This always gave me problems as the
Anders file has to be expanded to have one more year for each station. I also needed
to expand some arrays to read in one more year. As Harry says we've not altered anything
in NZ.
The fact that the error manifest itself in NZ may be irrelevant and it is just masking
it really occurred.
Hope you find it ! Peter will be back with you on Friday !
At 13:34 02/03/2005, Ian Harris wrote:

On 2 Mar 2005, at 13:15, Peter Thorne wrote:

Phil, Philip, Harry, John,

do you know of any changes made to a NZ station(s) in the last month? I'll try to
investigate further upon my return on Friday, but it looks like this can't be dismissed
as a simple bug in the system. I doubt a change at UEA would have led to this problem
unless it had been deliberately propogated to the Met Office archive which is
conceivable. I have no info as to the relative magnitude of the change.

No changes to NZ data from my end, Peter. Here's a map showing the stations I've
'affected' ;-)
Keep me posted!


Note: forwarded message attached.
From: "Hardwick, Jen" <>
Date: 2 March 2005 08:49:34 GMT
To: Peter Thorne <>
Subject: HadCRUTtttttttttttttttttewwwe ew
HadCRUT fails at test 3# from the test_landsstmerge program, after the
negrhadcrut2 script.
"Test 3 failed, values before the current month are too dissimilar.
Check random years Either SST or land in error for hadcrut2
The proportion of values changed before the current month is: 0.0063"
The criteria are 0.001 for a normal run through and 0.005 if Phil
updates the anders file. Looking at the data there are a number of
differences for the previous month and subsequent months.
This is interesting because the land values have not changed and the SST
values have not changes.
Looking more closely at the 'dodgy' file you can see that the change in
values, for almost all years back to 1856, are localised to the lat,
long grid box areas (27, 66+). This is around New Zealand.
I'm baffled. Not an unusual turn of events there!
Don't worry too hard about it,
Happy day
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