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date: Fri Nov 12 13:12:33 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: CCSP

I've been having some emails with Chris Folland about CCSP and also saw
Peter Thorne earlier today about it. For the zero order draft of the chapter on
Atmos. Obs. for AR4 it would be good to be able to see a copy. If one is
unlikely to be in a good enough form (Peter has told me the iterations/reviewing you
have to go through) by the time Kevin and I have to put together our draft, then
let it wait until after our second meeting in May. If possible though, let me know.
I presume Kevin will know how to get it anyway.
I'm dealing with the surface temperature, precipitation and extremes part of the
chapter. David is putting together surface temperature section so he should be
aware of what your report may say. So, maybe a version might be possible
after your early December meeting?
By the way, don't misconstrue this - I'm not offering to review it ! Just want
to make sure what we say is compatible with it. Susan wants our first draft
to be pretty much like the final one - allowing for us to add in additional work.
You'll be able to check everything anyway in NZ in December 2005.

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