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date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 16:31:26 +0000
from: Meric Srokosz <>
subject: modelling intercomparison (continued)

Dear all - Peter Challenor has raised some issues regarding the
modelling intercomparison (see below). Do others have views?
We need to move forward on this, so I am going to set a deadline
of noon next Monday 22nd March for imput. So if you have a view
(of any kind) please e-mail the Steering Committee before the

Many thanks, Meric

>I am not exactly sure what is being proposed here. Is the plan to
>remove Jonathan Gregory's proposal from the second AO and rebadge an
>expanded version as the modelling intercomparison activity or is the
>expanded version still going to be part of the AO? I am not
>particularly keen on either. In both cases we seem to be giving a
>proposal an 'inside track' to funding in way that does not to me to
>be either open or fair. There may be other groups who would have bid
>for this work if they had not thought that there was an existing
>model intercomparison activity. I should make it plain that I have
>no problem with Jonathan actually doing the work - he would be an
>excellent choice; it is the mechanism I am not happy with.
>I would prefer us to put out a tender for the work (after all we
>know what we want done). This would then be completely open and fair
>and I would have thought we could sort it out in a similar time
>scale to the AO.

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