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cc: Chris Folland <>, Geoff Jenkins <>
date: Mon May 10 16:56:08 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: RoG paper
to:, Philip Brohan <>, Jonathan Gregory <>

Sorry forgot the attachment !
The attached may be useful. As for your paper(s) I think we should go for comparisons
of DJF and JJA for early instrumental temps. I think we can sort out early problems if
we stick to CET, C. Europe and N. Fennoscandia.
At 17:49 07/05/2004 +0100, Simon Tett wrote:

Dear all,
attached is the current version of my 500 year write up. I am considering the
following strategy to write it all up.
1) Write paper (J. Clim/JGR/Clim Dyn.) on model simulations and the role that forcing
plays in simulated climate variability. This would not have any comparison with proxy
data nor any sea-level rise in it. I am planning to extend this run through to 2100 --
its happening now but I will rework the code to run on new super computer.
Authors: Tett, Woodage, Roberts, Andy Jones, Crowley, Betts.
2) Short paper (GRL/Science/Nature) comparing simulations with verity of past data --
proxy data, boreholes and early instrumental. Period to be 1600 to 1875-1900 (avoiding
period when large combination of anthropogenic forcings acting). To consider many
uncertainties including proxy calibration and important forcing uncertainty (Volcanic &
Authors: Tett, Brohan, Osborn, Briffa, Phil Jones, Crowley. Philip Brohan and others
will write up a long paper on methodology with more examples.
3) Paper on sea-level rise: Gregory, Lowe and Tett
All -- are you happy with this. Am I missing any tricks....
For 1) I need Margaret, David, Andy, Tom and Richard to verify the description of the
forcings in the attached report is adequate. It would be good to think about figures to
discuss the forcings used.
For 2) Philip is developing the methodology. Tim -- I need the observed borehole
timeseries and any uncertainties in it. It needs to be better than the exponential fit
to data already been published. Phil I need some view on the early instrumental
uncertainties -- should we just focus on DJF so the summer heating can be neglected?
For 3) J^2 let me know what you need.
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