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date: Tue Jan 27 09:36:31 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: 2004GL019493
to: Saburo Miyahara <>

Dear Saburo,
I've just submitted the review. As you will see I did not think too much of it.
The comment by Chapman et al and the response cover all the points. I have these
as I reviewed them, so don't need them. Suggested at end Huang writes a new paper.
At 19:31 26/01/2004 +0900, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Jones:
Thank you for agreeing to review "Comment on "Ground vs. surface air temperature
trends: Implications for borehole surface temperature reconstructions" by Mann and
Schmidt" by Shaopeng Huang.
Dr. Mann informed me upon reading the manuscript that they had already essentially
addressed all of the comments expressed here in the Reply to the Comment on their paper
by Chapman et al. which I had asked you to review, and will not write reply this time.
Both the Comment and Reply will be published in GRL in the near future. If you need
copies of the Comment by Chapman et al. and the Reply by Schmidt and Mann, please let me
know. I'll send pdf files.
Saburo Miyahara

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