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-All welcome and bring your sandwiches!-
(Re)Thinking the dangers of climate change: perceptions and communication

This informal lunchtime discussion will focus on:

- how climate change is currently portrayed by scientists, media and
- how climate change is perceived by the public,
- the influence of climate change communication on individual

It will draw upon the outcomes of the recent Exeter conference on Avoiding
Dangerous Climate Change conference and the now completed Dangerous Climate
Change project. We will comment upon how the media covered the findings of
the ADCC conference, how Hollywood has capitalised on some potentially
dangerous impacts of climate change (in the blockbuster The Day After
Tomorrow) and how these relate to public perceptions of climate change. We
will also link the lessons learnt from our work with the recently launched
DEFRA climate change communication strategy. This in itself is set out to
alter individual attitudes to climate change, not enact behavioural change.

Questions to discuss could include:

- What does 'dangerous' climate change mean? Is it a useful concept?
Can / should it be defined? By whom?

- What does this imply for policy making? Are current activities /
initiatives to address climate change likely to be successful?

- Given that groups within society portray climate change
differently, is one preferable over others, in terms of motivating
individuals to reduce their contributions to climate change?

- Are there other factors that need to be considered or enacted
before individuals change their behaviours, such as enabling them to do so
by increasing the saliency of climate change and creating agency?

Irene Lorenzoni, Tom Lowe and Sophie Nicholson-Cole
CER / Tyndall
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