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date: Mon Feb 9 09:40:21 2009
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: RE: Invoice to Epri
to: "Hopley Hilary Mrs \(SCI\)" <>

USA. Please let me know if that solves it.
At 09:14 09/02/2009, Hopley Hilary Mrs \(SCI\) wrote:

Hi Tim
I am having trouble with Dr Naresh Kumar's fax number. Is it a German
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>From: Tim Osborn [[1]]
>Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 12:02 PM
>To: Hopley Hilary Mrs (SCI)
>Subject: Re: Invoice to Epri
>Hi Hilary,
>yes, please do send a short covering letter/note with the UEA
>and Sage invoices. Here is some text, if you could just add
>names and addresses to it, it should be fine.
>This invoice is in relation to the cost of some of the colour
>figures in the Phil Jones et al. article that has recently
>been published in The Holocene journal. This article arose
>out of the "Past Millennia Climate Variability - Synthesis and
>Outlook" meeting held in Wengen, Switzerland, in June 2006.
>This workshop was organised under the PAGES/CLIVAR
>intersection group and was generously supported by funding
>from EPRI and other organisations. Thorsten Kiefer from PAGES
>and Larry Williams from EPRI were among the attendees.
>At 11:44 05/02/2009, Hopley Hilary Mrs \(SCI\) wrote:
>>Hi Tim
>>I will have the invoice to EPRI tomorrow. I just wondered if
>you needed
>>to send a letter with it or shall I just fax it to fax it to Naresh
>>Kumar with a copy of the Sage invoice.
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