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date: Thu Jan 6 16:47:01 2005
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: Review Request: J. Climate LETTER
to: Journal of Climate <>

Dear Catherine,
though I'd like to undertake this review, I simply can't do it in the next few weeks, so
I'll have to decline.
As regards alternative reviewers, I'd suggest:
Dr. Eduardo Zorita,
GKSS Research Centre, Germany
Dr. Juerg Luterbacher,
University of Bern, Switzerland
At 19:26 03/01/2005, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Osborn,
Paul Kushner, an Editor of Journal of Climate, has suggested you as a possible reviewer
for a submitted LETTER entitled "Robustness of spatial climate reconstructions"
(JCL-5520) by Eugene R. Wahl and Caspar M. Ammann.
The Letters section provides rapid and high-profile publication of brief communications
on topics of great interest to the climate research community. Reviewers are asked to
rate letters on the basis of their importance, timeliness, and level of interest to the
climate research community, and also to provide additional comments and suggestions
regarding the technical merit, quality of the writing and figures, and all the usual
criteria associated with the peer review process.
If you can do this review, we ask that you complete your review this manuscript within
ONE WEEK and I will send you a link to allow you to download the manuscript.
If you are unable to complete the review within one week, please do not accept the
review. In this case, we would greatly appreciate it if you could suggest other possible
reviewers and provide their email addresses. Thank you.
Catherine Cassidy
Editorial Assistant, Journal of Climate
Paul Kushner, Editor

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