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date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 14:41:07 +0100
from: Keith Alverson <>
subject: workshop invitation


We are writing to invite your participation in a "PAGES-CLIVAR Workshop on
Climate Variations of the Last 300 to 1000 Years", to be held in Venice,
Italy, November 8-12, 1999. The workshop sponsors include the EC, the US

The goals of the workshop are
1) to review recent work, 2) to produce a new state-of-the-art analysis of
recent paleoclimate for possible publication in Science or Nature and use
by the IPCC, and 3) to produce updated implementation strategies for the

The scientific foci of the meeting will be:

o the comparison the different proxy-data records (e.g., coral, ice core,
tree ring, sediment, historical documentary, etc. ) to recognize their
common messages and differences; to assess recent paleoclimatic change on
regional (e.g., tropical Pacific, North Atlantic) to hemispheric scales,
o the evaluation of several recently produced continental to
hemispheric-scale surface temperature reconstructions (e.g., Overpeck et
al., 1997; Mann et al., 1998; Jones, 1998; Briffa et al., 1998), and to
possibly update/combine these to provide a new state-of-the-art
reconstruction of climate variability for the last 300-600 years,
o the comparison and integration of all available paleoclimate data for
the last 1000 years to put the anomalously warm 20th century in the context
of possible past warm periods (e.g., the Medieval Warm Period), and to
determine if the 20th century warmth is truly unprecedented or not,
o the comparison of new reconstructions of hypothesized climate forcing
(e.g., volcanic, solar, trace gas, aerosol) over the last 300-1000 years,
and to compare these forcing time series with reconstructed climate
variability to test the possible roles of each forcing
o the interaction with the CLIVAR/modelling community to establish a
strategy to make the best use of the proxy-data to determine the natural
variability of the climate system, validate model simulations and provide
an improved database to help detect/attribute man-made climatic change
during the present century,
o the generation of reconstructions required by modellers to initialize
coupled ocean-atmosphere model simulations of the last 150 years - the
transient experiments from the end of the pre-industrial period needed to
study the impact of greenhouse gas and aerosol concentration increases,
o the evaluation of whether the various on-going research projects, when
completed, will provide enough information to generate needed improvements
to our understanding of global climate variability over the last 300 to
1000 years,
o the identification of gaps in current research programs and the
establishment of strategies to fill them,

The meeting will be run in three parts:

- prior to the meeting, participants will be asked to put all available
paleoclimate reconstructions and data in a protected Internet location for
sharing and intercomparison with all other data to be presented and used at
the meeting; all except unpublished data will be made public after the
meeting along with new reconstructions generated at the meeting,

- the first part of the meeting (� two days) will be devoted to the
presentation of new original results generated during the last few years,

- the participants will then split in working groups to address the
specific objectives as defined above.

The first purpose of this letter is to get the workshop on your calendar,
and get you thinking about the opportunities the gathering will provide,
both in terms of the best global array of data (climate and climate
forcing)yet assembled for the last 300 to 1000 years, as well as with
respect to a truly interdisciplinary gathering of PAGES and CLIVAR

The second purpose of this letter is to ask if you think you can attend or
not. Please send an email by April 5th to Keith Alverson
( to indicate your willingness to attend or not.
Funding for this workshop is limited, therefore it would be greatly
appreciated if you can make every effort to cover some of your costs from
your own sources. Please include in your email a statement as to whether
you will require full, partial or zero funding to attend as well as an
estimate of your travel costs (roundtrip to Venice). This information will
greatly help in the early budgeting for this workshop.

A list of invited participants is attached for your reference.

We're looking forward to a ground-breaking workshop. Thanks!


Jean-Claude Duplessy
Jonathan Overpeck
(Co-Chairs, PAGES-CLIVAR Working Group)

Invited Participants List:

Bard France coral
Charles USA coral
Cole USA coral
Gagan Australia coral
Juillet-Leclerc France coral
Quinn USA coral
Tudhope UK coral

Boninsegna ARG tree ring
Briffa UK tree ring
Cook USA tree ring
Hughes USA tree ring
Jones UK tree ring
Schweingruber CH tree ring

Johnsen DK ice core
Jouzel FR ice core
Mosely-Thompson USA ice core
Thompson USA ice core
White USA ice core

Duplessy FR sediments
Jansen Norway sediments
Keigwin USA sediments
Overpeck USA sediments

Bradley USA historical
Diaz USA historical
Pfister CH historical

Beer CH forcings
Raynaud FR forcings
Lean USA forcings
Zielinski USA forcings

Abe-Ouchi Japan General
Battisti USA General
Bengtsson G General
Berger B General
Cane USA General
Crowley USA General
Joussaume FR General
Komen NL General
Manabe Japan General
Mitchell UK General
Rahmstorf G General
Rind USA General
Sarachik USA General
Stocker CH General
Trenberth USA General
Webster USA General

Zimmerman USA NSF
Coleman USA NSF

Keith Alverson, Science Officer e-mail:
PAGES International Project Office Phone: +41 31 312 3133
B�renplatz 2, CH-3011 Fax: +41 31 312 3168
Bern, Switzerland Internet:

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