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date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 23:57:15 +0200
from: Val�rie Masson-Delmotte <>
subject: Re: IPCC ch9 for information and check.
to: Keith Briffa <>, Jonathan Overpeck <>, Eystein Jansen <>

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Dear Keith,

I have read your text - despite of the heat wave here (40�C in my
office in the afternoon...). I am a bit puzzled by the regional aspects.
I think that you should make more clear in the beginning that there is
very little new information / work conducted on the S Hemisphere /
tropics and that most efforts have been focussed on the N Hemisphere,
because you mention almost nothing for the S Hemisphere. Is ENSO
considered as a regional mode of variability? I thought that it had
almost global relevance at least in terms of impacts.


Keith Briffa a �crit :

> Pascale
> I am sending what I sent Peck and Eystein
> The regional stuff at the end is from Ricardo Villalba and will need
> to be shortened /rewritten after advice from CLAs. Please note this is
> only provisional and I have had no feedback from other LA and CLAs and
> the text needs to be vetted/chopped or whatever. Please note also that
> the blue text will likely disappear - no space. The Figure legends are
> at the back of the text file. I will send Figures as a separate message
> cheers
> Keith
> At 15:52 23/06/2005, Pascale Braconnot wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Here is what I send today to gaby and francis as a contribution for
>> the first draft for chapt 9.3
>> We know we have overlap between the two chapters (9 and 6). We need
>> to make sure that the point of view is different (or slightly).
>> in particular, chapter 6 days much more about the data (I nearly
>> supress all ref to data in 9), and may be also on model evaluation
>> (which i do not mention as such).
>> It could be nice you send me your parts in chapter 6 when ready. I
>> will have only a small time to adapt the chapt 9 contribution and
>> make changes in July.
>> How things will work in chapter9 in the coming month.
>> CLA recieved all the contributions, they work together next week
>> (i still need to interact with gbi for the last millenium part and
>> the update of the figure on detection: attribution, but gabi didn't
>> had time to do it at the moment).
>> Then Gabi and Francis will return comments to us (as well as internal
>> comments withing LA of the chapter) and last changes will be provided
>> for the end of July.
>> On my side I am out of contact (mail etc) starting 22 July.
>> I need thus to finish every thing for July 20.
>> I hope the draft 1 writing is going on well on your side
>> Cheers
>> Pascale
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