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date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 17:07:42 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
from: Julie Burgess <>
subject: Your Grant numbers
to: k.briffa@uea, c.goodess@uea, c.hanson@uea, t.holt@uea, p.jones@uea, m.kelly@uea, t.osborn@uea, j.palutikof@uea, s.raper@uea, d.viner@uea

Jean asked me to circulate a list of grant numbers to P.I.s in CRU, so here it
is (attached for you to print off and within this email for those without
proper computers):

1RCRUI0----1287 INTAS 10/98-9/2000 KRB
1RCRUH0----1297 The Holocene 11/98-12/02 KRB
1RCRUA0----1460 NERC/BAS TSUNAMI 9/99-9/02 JPP
1RCRUC0----1728 Met Office 07/00-06/02 MH
1RCRUH0----1776 CEC Agence Nat. Gestn DR BIOCLIM 10/00-9/03 JPP, CG
1RCRUF0----1832 NIREX 10/00-10/03 M Hoar
1RCRUH0----1857 EC SWURVE Newcastle 12/00-11/03 PDJ
1RCRUH0----1858 EC CLIWOC Madrid 12/00-11/03 PDJ
1RCRUH0----1872 EC HOLSMEER Bangor 1/01-12/03 PDJ, KRB
1RCRUC0----1901 LINK 12/00-2/03 DV
1RCRUA0----1937 NERC 8/01-2/02 PDJ
1RCRUJ0----1977 US DoE 5/01-4/04 PDJ
1RCRUH0----1898 CEC CLIMAG West Africa 3/01-8/03 JPP
1RCRUA0----2005 Tyndall "Scenario development" 4/01-7/02 MH,TO,CG,JPP
1RCRUA0----2007 Tyndall "An integrated assessment" STORMS 4/01-6/03 JPP,TDD,TO
1RCRUA0----2012 Tyndall BLUEPRINT 4/01-5/02 JPP
1RCRUA0----2032 UMIST/Tyndall 4/01-8/03 PDJ,JPP,TO
1RCRUA0----2077 NERC 4/01-3/03 TO, AW
1RCRUA0----2099 NERC/CLRC 1/01-9/03 TO, JPP
1RCRUL0----2125 ACCELERATES, CEC Oxford 1/02-12/03 DV
1RCRUH0----2130 PRUDENCE 11/01-10/04 JPP
1RCRUH0----2156 MICE 1/02-12/04 JPP
1RCRUA0----2177 NERC/SOUTHAMPTON 5/01-4/03 SR, AR
1RCRUC0----2196 Met O 12/01-11/02 PT, PDJ
1RCRUC0----2199 Met O 12/01-1/03 TO, KRB
1RCRUH0----2209 CEC STARDEX 2/02-7/05 CMG,PDJ
1RCRUJ0----2272 NAOO 11/01-10/02 PMK
1OCRUL0----2280 TIEMPO 4/01-3/03 PMK
1RCRUB0----2300 ODI 11/01-6/02 PMK, LEB
1OCRUJ0----2366 UN FCCC 3/02-9/02 SCBR
1RCRUH0----2459 EMULATE 11/02-10/05 PDJ
1RCRUH0----2471 Simulations observations� 11/02-10/05 KRB, TO
1OCRUF0----2494 SNIFFER 10/02-5/03 PDJ, JPP
1RCRUH0----2501 Marie Curie Visiting Fellowship 1/03-12/03 CR (Cyrille), KRB
not known yet RG1 CRANIUM 4/03-3/06 PDJ, CMG, DV
1RCRUI0----2553 ESF, Clim. change, env. & tourism 12/02-12/03 DV
1RCRUA0----2569 EPSRC, Constr. clim. scen�built env, transp. & utils.
4/03-3/06 PDJ, JPP, CMG, DV

Awarding Body Types (level 4)
A0 Research Council or British Academy
B0 UK based charities
C0 UK Central Government; British Council; Royal Society; Non-departmental
Public Bodies
D0 Local Authorities
E0 UK Public Corporations
F0 UK Industry/Commerce
G0 UK Health/Hospital Authorities
H0 Governmental bodies operating
in EEC countries
I0 Non-governmental bodies operating in EEC countries
J0 Other overseas (non-EEC) sources
K0 Teaching Company
L0 Other sources

Julie Burgess
Climatic Research Unit
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ
Tel. +44 (0)1603 592722
Fax. +44 (0) 1603 507784
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