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date: Mon Nov 8 16:49:30 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: HadAT paper ... the saga continues
to: "Thorne, Peter" <>

Despite reports to the contrary I will have read the latest version of the HadAT
paper by the time you come on Friday. I have already started. To show you that
I have started here is the Ref you need
Conrad, V. and Pollak, L.D., 1962: Methods in Climatology, Harvard University Press,
Cambridge, MA, 459pp.
I need to check my Grant No. I have a new one from US DoE but this fails to give a
We'll see Kate on the Friday am.
At 13:56 03/11/2004, you wrote:

Dear all,
an updated version of the HadAT paper can be found at:
If I can have comments by Monday week (15th) then that would be just
grand. I want to submit by the end of the month to make sure that we get
it in in time for IPCC / CCSP purposes and to save the last shreds of my
So far, JGR suggestion has had positive response from Phil and no
response from anyone else. Does that mean you are all happy this should
go to JGR? I'd like to reformat the next draft in the chosen journal's
style, so speak now of forever hold your peace.
Phil and David I will send a version shortly just incase (who am I
kidding?) you get time at the Paris meeting
p.s. Simon, as requested I have seen whether there is the potential to
remove all references to potential and its potential derivatives and
found that this is indeed potentially possible. I guess that means
there's at least potential hope for me yet!
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