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cc: Stephan Bojinski <>, Richard Thigpen <>, "Tom Peterson" <>, "Stefanie Lorenz" <>
date: Thu Jan 10 09:10:04 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: FW: Location of WMO's GCOS stations
to: Adrian Simmons <>

Adrian, Stephan, Dick.
Thanks for the responses. I think we can leave it for now and discuss
if needed at AOPC. It isn't really an AOPC issue, as it's more for CBS and
I have had another email from Ian. The attached is an example of what can
be seen. CEH below is the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Wallingford, Oxon,
about 15km from Reading. I can't see the CEH Met site!
But if you could look at the actual site close up it would be almost as good as going
there and would certainly provide a lot of information about the present conditions at the
site and of the surroundings. Some Google Earth images are fuzzy and low in detail, but in
many you can see individual cars, houses and trees. You can also tip the view to get a 3D
image. I have attached a 3D view of the CEH buildings (bottom) with the CEH Met Site (small
field in centre). The buildings don't look as tall as they should, but it's pretty good.
The Thames is on the left.
At 23:23 09/01/2008, Adrian Simmons wrote:

For the record, we have a very nice display in Google Earth of a day's worth (or perhaps
it's 12h-worth)of all the data we assimilate. One can follow the aircraft obs as they
track the descent of the aircraft itself into the airport, watch satellites track across
the globe, and so on. But we were banned from showing it in public as we were told that
the licence agreement was such that Google were given right of access to anything shown
in public in Google Earth, and not all our operational datasets can be given away like
Phil Jones wrote:

Adrian, Stephan, Dick
This isn't an important email, so you can ignore till the AOPC meeting.
I'm trying to help Ian Strangeways (who Adrian may know) to write a book
about temperature measuring - how we calculate global T, errors etc. He's also
talking to Chris Folland about SST.
I'm trying to stop him going off on pointless tangents. I've sent him chapter
and verse on GCOS and most of my papers. First, he wanted to put loads
of AWSs around the world to measure T properly - common sensors etc.
I muttered something about living in the real world...
Now, he's on about the lack of detail in the locations of GSN sites
and also those in Volume A. I've also told him this is pointless and
what matters is getting the data from these sites. I don't care if they
are a little bit inaccurate in their locations and I doubt ECMWF and the
other operational centres care either.
It seems as though he's found some people who do, expecting
to be able to go to google earth and give it detailed locations
and find a Stevenson Screen! Have a look through some of the links
- the Gladstonefamily website (!!) and that for El Nahud in Sudan.
I just wanted to make sure people in the WMO building and CBS
are aware that at some point someone will say, we can't the weather
stations WMO say are there.
Maybe if we did know where they are to a greater accuracy, we
could check by Google Earth whether instruments were there !!
Maybe they have some resources they can give to GCOS.....

From: "Ian Strangeways" <>
To: <>
Subject: FW: Location of WMO's GCOS stations
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 19:49:47 -0000
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You may find this email exchange interesting.
-----Original Message-----
From: Philip Gladstone [ [1]]
Sent: 08 January 2008 13:50
To: Ian Strangeways
Subject: Re: Location of WMO's GCOS stations
The deal is that even the data that the WMO has in their Pub 9 Vol A is
inaccurate at the minute level. Part of what I am trying to do is to
improve that data.
You can look at [2] to
get some idea of the scale of the problem. My master list is at
(also available in other formats -- linked from page above). You could
filter this by the GCOS sites....
In some cases the location of the observations is marked. In many cases,
the location selection process has picked the airport reference point.
If you find any better data, then please let me know.
The data is good for Australia and for some sites in the US. For the
rest of the world it is not so clear.
For example, I got this message today:
> I work on LIMH. =)
> I'm writing from the meteo station, in this moment.
> It's 05:13/Z.
> Bye
> Max
> Location Source Latitude Longitude Latitude
> New for LIMH 45.93518 7.70724 45° 56' 07" N 7° 42' 26" E
> Consensus 45.93000 7.70000 45° 55' 48" N 7° 42' 00" E
> Estimated elevation at new location is 3462 meters, originally 3488 meters
> Page:
The WMO location was 2.5 miles away from this new location. Is LIMH
really the same as 16052? [I've asked the person who sent me the email].
Good luck
Ian Strangeways wrote:
> Dear Philip
> >
> I am writing a book for Cambridge University Press with the title
> /Measuring Global temperatures Past, Present and Future/,
following on
> from my earlier books, also for CUP, with the titles /Measuring the
> Natural Environment/ (1^st and 2^nd editions) and a year ago a book with
> the title �/Precipitation: Theory, Measurement and Distribution/�. You
> may also have seen my series of articles for the Royal Meteorological
> Society magazine /Weather/ on /The Met. Enclosure/ (15 articles between
> 1995 and 2005).
> >
> In writing the present book on temperature, I will be including some
> details of the WMO GCOS network of surface stations. However, I have
> been unable to find a list giving the station locations to better than 1
> minute lat/long and this does not pinpoint their position well enough to
> judge their exposure (rural/urban) and hopefully even to see the
> Stevenson Screen. Do you have any suggestions about where I can find
> such information? Does CWOP have such a list for example?
> >
> Hope you can help
> >
> Best wishes
> >
> Ian Strangeways
> >
> >
> /Dr Ian C Strangeways/
> /7 Cherwell Close/
> /Thames Street/
> /Wallingford/
> /Oxfordshire, OX10 0HF/
> /United Kingdom/
> / /
> /Tel 01491 839398/
> /e-mail:
> < [6]> /
> / [7] <[8]> <
[9]> /

*Synop Information for 62781 in En Nahud, Sudan*
The following information is known about 62781. If you think that any information is
incorrect, then please follow the instructions for correcting that data item.
It is /possible/ that this page will report a problem where no problem exists. If you
believe that this has happened, then please contact me (address at the bottom of this
page) and explain /clearly/ why you think this page is in error. Note that any changes
that you make may take a few days to show up here, so please give it a week before
Location Map: If this message persists, then your browser is not compatible with Google
[] Larger
Smaller <[11];mw=200;mh=200#themap>
View in Google Earth
*Registered Location*
Latitude: 12B0 42' 0" N (deg min sec), 12.7000B0 (decimal), 1242.00N (LORAN)
Longitude: 28B0 26' 0" E (deg min sec), 28.4333B0 (decimal), 02826.00E (LORAN)
Elevation: 564 meters (1850 feet) -- validated against 570 meters (1870 feet) from
Location: En Nahud, Sudan
The site coordinates appear to be of low precision, and the station may be anywhere
within the marked area. Clicking within the map area (or you can drag the '62781'
marker) will display the latitude/longitude of that point.
If the displayed location /of the weather observing location/ is incorrect, please drag
the marker to the right location (or click in the right location), and then send the
updated information <[13]>. Please note
that we are trying to spot either the Stevenson Screen (or equivalent) or the location
where the barometric readings are taken.
Email address:
Comments, including how you know the location of this weather station. Press Cancel if
you do not know where the weather station is located.
The latitude and longitude of the marker will be included in the message.
The location information for this site was gathered from 3 data sources. The source
which most closely matches the consensus is chosen. Many of these sources only report
the location to the nearest minute (or hundredth of degree). This can lead to the marker
being placed noticeably incorrectly. Please see Discussion of Location Errors
<[14]> for more information.
The position of the clicked point on the map is:
The position of the '62781' marker on the map is:
Latitude: dummy (deg min sec), dummy (decimal), dummy (LORAN)
Longitude: dummy (deg min sec), dummy (decimal), dummy (LORAN)
Estimated elevation is dummy meters (dummy feet) from dummy.
There are no photographs of the station. If you have pictures of this location, then
/please/ upload them to Flickr <[15]> ( detailed instructions
<[16]>) and add the
two tags 'wxtagged' and 'wx:wmo=62781'. If the picture is of the weather station itself,
then please also add the 'wx:station' tag as well. Please geotag your images, and those
coordinates may be used in the estimation of the location of this site.
You can try to find photographs from the area surrounding the site marker by clicking on
Find nearby photographs. (There are some) (There are none) (There may be some)
(Automatically loaded if any)
Status: Searching... Status: None found.
Clicking on the map above will redo the search centered on the clicked point.
Status: 3 found.
If any images are of the weather station, then please click on those images, and add the
'wxtagged' and 'wx:wmo=62781' tags to those images. For the station itself, please add
the 'wx:station' tag as well. Some users do not permit other users to add tags to their
images. In these cases, just add a comment to the picture asking the photographer to add
the tags themselves.
Clicking on the map above will redo the search centered on the clicked point.
You can try to find photographs from the area surrounding the selected point by clicking
on Find nearby photographs.
*Data Status*
Over the last 28 days, no data was seen on the following dates: 2007-12-21.
All the means and standard deviations shown below are from the last 28 days. Change
analysis period to Last 3 days
Last 7 days <[18];days=7#Data>
Last 14 days <[19];days=14#Data>
Last 8 weeks <[20];days=56#Data>
Last 13 weeks <[21];days=91#Data>
Last 26 weeks <[22];days=182#Data>
Last 39 weeks <[23];days=273#Data>
Last 52 weeks <[24];days=364#Data>
Latest daily graph:
Latest daily graph <[25]>
Latest daily graph:
Latest daily graph <[26]>
*Dewpoint -- or switch to Relative Humidity
Latest daily graph:
Latest daily graph <[28]>
*Neighboring Stations*
This is a list of stations that are close to this station. You can look at those for
comparison purposes. The average difference between your station and each station below
is listed as well. This may allow you to detect local stations which are erroneous. You
can also use these numbers to adjust your instruments -- especially if a number of ASOS
stations have similar differences to your station. Also, try increasing the analysis
period to more than the default 28 days. The difference is only given if both stations
report reasonably often during each day. Some stations only report every 6 hours, and
this makes the average of less interest. In this case, the average is not displayed.
Since this station has not been reporting continuously during the analysis period (it
missed 1 days out of 28), the offsets below may not be accurate.
You can also subscribe to an RSS feed to tell you when new stations come online in this
area. Choose either within 100 miles
<[29]> []
<[30]> or 250
miles <[31]>
[] <[32]>.
Site Distance Location Barometer Temperature Dewpoint
/62809 <[33]>/ /103.3 miles/ /Southwest/
/Babanusa, Sudan (lat 11.3333B0, long 27.8167B0, altitude 453 meters)
/HSOB <[34]> 125.3 miles East
El Obeid, SD (lat 13.1532B0, long 30.2327B0, altitude 574 meters)
/HSLI <[35]>/ /146.2 miles/ /Southeast/
/Kadugli, SD (lat 11.0000B0, long 29.7167B0, altitude 499 meters)
62803 <[36]>/ /186.0 miles/ /East/
/Rashad, Sudan (lat 11.8667B0, long 31.0500B0, altitude 885 meters)
HSFS <[37]>/ /218.7 miles/ /West/ /El
Fasher, SD (lat 13.6149B0, long 25.3246B0, altitude 729 meters)
HSNL <[38]>/ /245.1 miles/ /West/ /Nyala,
SD (lat 12.0500B0, long 24.8667B0, altitude 643 meters)
62750 <[39]>/ /277.4 miles/ /East/ /Ed
Dueim, Sudan (lat 14.0000B0, long 32.3333B0, altitude 378 meters)
/HSKI <[40]> 287.2 miles East
Kosti/rabak, SD (lat 13.1667B0, long 32.6667B0, altitude 381 meters)
/HSRN <[41]>/ /300.2 miles/ /East/ /Renk,
SD (lat 11.7500B0, long 32.7667B0, altitude 282 meters)
HSSM <[42]>/ /308.1 miles/ /Southeast/
/Malakal, SD (lat 9.5590B0, long 31.6522B0, altitude 388 meters)
/The sites marked above /thus/ did not report continuously during the analysis period,
so the offsets may (probably will) not be accurate.
*Location Formats*
The location is shown in three different formats. Each of these is used in some
software, and is shown on some websites.
Degrees Minutes Seconds: VWS/VWSAPRS
<[43]>, WeatherLink 5.5
<[44]>, WeatherLink
(5.2-5.4) <[45]>,
WeatherView (Linux)
Decimal degrees: FreeWX, WeatherView32
(PC application)
LORAN: WeatherDisplay <[47]>,
WUHU, Henriksen WServer
CWOP Home <[48]>: This describes the whole CWOP program and has a
large amount of useful information.
CWOP Guide (PDF) <[49]>: This is a
guide to siting and operating a CWOP station. This is a must-read document.
APRS WX Message format <[50]>: This
describes the actual format of the messages transmitted that carry WX information.
WXQC Mailing List <[51]>: This
is a mailing list where data quality issues are discussed. Assistance with software
configuration can often be found here.
Topo Map Reading Guide <[52]>: How to
read USGS topographic maps, with a good section on reading contours.
Geographically nearby web pages
<[53]>: Use
Geourl <[54]> to find web pages that deal with locations
geographically close to this site.
Website comments, problems etc to Philip Gladstone
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RE GCOS station locations7
<[70]file://c:\EUDORA\Embedded\RE%20GCOS%20station%20locations7> RE GCOS station
location <[71]file://c:\EUDORA\Embedded\RE%20GCOS%20station%20locations7>s7

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