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date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 12:50:40 -0400
from: (Neil Leary)
subject: Message from WG2 Co-Chairs

Following is a message that Jim and Osvaldo have asked me to transmit to
you. Neil

Dear Colleagues,

A number of you have inquired if it is possible to make changes to your
chapters prior to publication of the final report. It is of course proper
and necessary that copy edits be made to correct errors in grammar, spelling,
punctuation, citations and references. In addition, it would be
permissable to make
minor changes of a more substantive nature. But this must be done with the
concurrence of our Review Editors, and in agreement with the WGII Bureau,
in an open manner so as to be transparent to the Plenary to which we will
present our report for acceptance.

This should not be used as an opportunity to make major additions or
modifications to your chapters. Major or controversial changes would be
problematic as governments and outside reviewers will not have an
opportunity to review and comment on revisions made at this stage. We will
rely on the advice of our Review Editors to help us avoid changes that
would jeopardize acceptance of our report by the WGII Plenary.

The procedure for making changes to chapters is as follows. The CLAs of a
chapter may recommend changes to the chapter by submitting to the WGII TSU
and the Review Editors of the chapter a document describing the changes
that the authors propose to make. The document should summarize each change
to be made and provide a short explanation of why the change should be
made. The REs will then be asked to consider the proposed changes and
communicate their concurrence (or otherwise) with the proposed changes to
the TSU and CLAs. The proposed changes for chapters will then be
consolidated into a single document by the TSU for consideration by the
WGII Bureau. With the agreement of the Bureau, the proposed changes would
be presented to the WGII Plenary.

If you have changes to propose, please submit the requested document to the
TSU and REs by the end of the month. You need not provide full revised text for
proposed changes at that time. But revised text, tables and figures should
be provided as expeditiously as possible so that we have them a couple
weeks in advance of the Plenary.

Please DO NOT edit the MSWord document of your chapter to make your
proposed changes. Any and all changes from this point on are to be made to
the master files by the TSU. This will be best accomplished by sending to
the TSU a word file containing only the new or revised paragraph(s), with
clear instructions to the TSU as to where the paragraph(s) are to be
inserted in your chapter and what paragraphs if any are to be deleted.
Following this procedure will avoid confusion and error that might arise
from the existence of multiple and different electronic versions of the

Dave Dokken will be sending you an email to explain other aspects of
production of the final draft.

We are very near the end of our endeavor. Thank you for giving your
attention to this additional request.

Best wishes,

Osvaldo Canziani and James McCarthy
Co-Chairs, IPCC WGII

Neil A. Leary, Ph.D.
Head, Technical Support Unit
Working Group II
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
400 Virginia Avenue SW, Suite 750
Washington, DC 20024 USA
General number: 1 202 314-2225
Direct number: 1 202 314-2224
Fax: 1 202 488-8678
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