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date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 08:20:10 PDT
from: rob swart <>
subject: sres

Dear Mike,

We are working on the SRES expert review comments at IIASA.The issue of
including or not including radiative forcing/concentrations in the Report is
a hotly debated issue (Metz, Griggs are against it, the team does not want
to leave it out and Sir John doesn't mind as long as it isn't in the SPM).
You suggest that the proper MAGICC reference is Wigley 1997. This is an
internal, non-peer reviewed CRU report that was published 2 years after the
SAR. Is this really the proper reference??? Because we now decided to leave
it in up to the government review with reference to methods approved
implicity in the SAR...
Could you respond by today?



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