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cc: t.osborn@uea
date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:34:23 +0100
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: Science commentary
to: "Raymond S. Bradley" <>

thanks again for taking the trouble to look through this . We are
expecting a revised version from Science and as soon as it arrives we will
consider all the points and try to incorporate ammendments to satisfy
everyone I hope. How about forwarding the last Mann message to me so I can
reply directly?! Best wishes

At 09:49 AM 4/19/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I've just ploughed through the mountain of email regarding your Science
>"perspectives" article. For what it is worth (probably not much) I will
>add my comments on this (amazingly) controversial commentary. In the
>context of what you were asked to do by Science, I don't find the overall
>perspective too problematical. Clearly, it is YOUR perspective and you are
>entitled to express it if so invited. However, there are a few topics that
>might be worth revising.
>1. You could point out that the SH data we use contributes to explaining
>the variance of NH temperature, or leave out the sentence on p. 2, para 2:
>"Four of the records..."
>2. You should mention that some reconstructions undertake verification (ie
>Mann et al 98, 99, & [crudely] Bradley & Jones...not sure about the
>others...) & point out how important that is...
>3. As you point out the limitations of long-term tree ring data (ie
>replication, standardization etc) it would be appropriate to say to what
>extent these issues are a problem or not, in Mann et al 99 vis a vis other
>4. Mike's point re the baseline for comparing records is right. You should
>align them on the basis of the calibration periods, more or less...
>5. You should expand on the caption to say which are "NH" annual/seasonal/
>extra-tropical etc...
>6. Mike's point that the late Holocene decline should be visible in your
>2ka reconstruction makes no sense to me. I think it is quite likely that
>the penultimate millennium showed a warming trend. Nevertheless, I wonder
>if comparing this series with the others is worth it, given the limited
>data set it represents, lack of verification, & other limitations you
>elaborate on earlier....
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