Friday, May 4, 2012


date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 03:13:50 -0400
from: Ray Bradley <>
subject: ice core data

Hey guys:
Dave Fisher said you might be able to send me the stacked ice core record;
he has disappeared for 2 weeks camping and said to contact you if I needed
it faster than that (which I do....):

"The central west Greenland time series now includes about 5 more long
series and is called
DELNORM6.CWG instead of DELNORM3 which is the version you have. The
new version has new series from around Summit and it also includes the
GISP2 series. It is the one I hand out under the grand title of
"super stack". Phil Jones and Keith Briffa have copies and have I believe
used it already ..."

Mike Mann would like to know how confident you are in the SOI record before
1881....he is using it in verification and wants to know if it's crap.

KEEF: are you going to accept the PAGES invitation to the Open meeting?


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