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date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 17:14:37 +0000
from: Julia Slingo <>
subject: Re: Rapid draft Science and Implementation Plans
to: Simon Tett <>


I agree that the details of the model runs are open for discussion but the
general level of activity needs to be spelled out to NERC who should be
aware of the extreme inadequacy of HPC provision. We are already hitting
the wall. I'm not proposing that my list of integrations should be in the
RCC documents but they will hopefully aid the discussion on the budget
lines for RCC. I hope you can support me on this because we're working very
hard at the moment with NERC (and DEFRA for that matter) to get improved
HPC provision for climate change.


At 04:55 PM 11/22/01 +0000, Simon Tett wrote:
> >>>>> "Julia" == Julia Slingo <> writes:
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>Julia> Following the SG meeting, I put together a list of key model
>Julia> based on discussions with members of the SG and taking into account
>Julia> needs of both the Abrupt and PRESCIENT communities. The implied HPC
>Julia> requirements are quite significant and cannot be borne from existing
>Julia> allocations either at SOC or UGAMP. I think we do need to have an
>Julia> statement about HPC needs and the potential cost to the programme.
>I have
>Julia> attached the documents related to these issues which I prepared for
>Julia> Collins for the recent meeting of the STB (I think I forwarded them
>to you
>Julia> also?). As I understand it, NERC is not planning to increase its
>spend on
>Julia> HPC in the foreseeable future due to lack of headroom - Phil or
>Nigel can
>Julia> correct me on this!
>Hi Julia,
> I found your suggestion quite interesting but found myself thinking
> it was somewhat early in the process. I don't think we can define
> modelling needs untill we have a clear program with resource
> allocations to the various facets of it. Once we have that
> defined then questions that need models will naturaly be generated
> and at that point an estimate of the HPC time needed would make
> sense.
>Julia> I have received comments on the drafts from Brian Hoskins, Alan
>Julia> Rowan Sutton, Mat Collins and David Marshall. All express the
>concern that
>Julia> the variability in the THC is not being viewed sufficiently as a
>Julia> problem. I think we also have to be more careful about the
>consensus view
>Julia> on what will happen to the THC (weakening or strengthening could
>both be on
>Julia> the cards!) and how the THC affects European climate.
>We also need to carefully consider what lies in the scope of COAPEC
>(couled modeling of the Nrth Atlantic) and what lies in the scope of
>RAPID -- rapid climate change.
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