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date: Fri Nov 29 15:16:18 2002
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: what is Tyndall Centre?
to: harrabin_roger

Thank you for your contribution to the Advisory Board yesterday - challenging the way we
see ourselves and others perceive us is very important.
Our stated vision ([1] is as follows (not
quite as you expressed it yesterday which I think was something like 'the UK's leading
centre of excellence on climate change'):

"To become an internationally recognised source of high quality and integrated
climate-change research, and to exert a seminal influence on the design and achievability
of the long-term strategic objectives of UK and international climate policy."
The strap line for Tyndall appears on our web page as ....
"Global climate change - enabling solutions through research and dialogue"
and the 50 word summary of what is Tyndall Centre for the consumption of editors is
appended below as it appears on our media page
([2] ...
"The Tyndall Centre is a network of more than 200 UK researchers evaluating the social,
political and economic dimensions of options to slow the rate of climate change and
minimise the risks caused by climate change. Our research goes beyond the question, "Is it
happening?", to ask "What can we do about it?". We are solutions oriented and our research
results aim to be local, national and global in reach."
Your views on any of the above would be interesting,

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