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date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 09:34:45 +0100
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: MetO
to: g.bigg@uea,k.briffa@uea,p.brimblecombe@uea,s.dorling@uea,k.heywood@uea, m.hulme@uea,t.jickells@uea,p.jones@uea,m.kelly@uea,p.liss@uea, j.palutikof@uea,a.j.matthews@uea,m.penkett@uea,j.plane@uea, d.stevens@uea,c.vincent@uea,a.j.watson@uea,j.johnson@uea,g.bentham@uea, t.osborn@uea

Please do take every opportunity to express your enthusiasm to your MetO
colleagues for a move to Norwich. The site will be on the NRP - near the
hospital. A link with ENV (& MTH) is one thing we have in our favour of
course, but please remember that only a small % of the MetO staff engage in
"research". The Chief Exec., in particualr, wishes to project the
"business" dimension of the MetO, rather than the research dimension. So,
do indicate excitement to your reseearch colleagues about the prospect of
them coming here, but please also mention that the locals are well aware of
the business imperative - & will be geared up to help them. The NRP site is
good in that regard - not too close to an academic establishemnt, so they
will be able to project the business image.

The MetO have problems retaining staff (esp IT) in the Thames Valley. Staff
retention is a much smaller problem here - the Norwich factor (this is also
true for IT staff - the local businesses confirm this (& of course UEA
produces >100 IT graduates a year, a high proportion who want to stay).
Transport is important - 2 trains per hour to London, upgrading of A11,
Norwich-Amsterdam (VERY important - 15 mins to Airport, negligible check-in
time, 35 min flying time to Amsterdam, etc).

New IT trunking will be in place (committed!) by the time that the MetO
will be here - so IT communications will be as good as anywhere else in the
country, & will easily cope with MetO requirements.

BUT the most important thing is to generate a good feeling about
Norwich/Norfolk - great place to live, 19 min avge journey time to work,
cheap/plentiful housing (yes- really, cf to Bracknell - house prices are
30%). But you all know why you love to live & work here - get some of that
across to your colleagues. Gossip is now rife in the MetO - your colleagues
will be talking to others in the MetO canteen & the local pubs.

Everything is being done at the "official" level, but it is important that
the hearts & minds of the "ordinary" members of staff at the MetO are won.
Let them know the area wants them here.


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Dean, School of Environmental Sciences
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