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Bucket corrections. I replied to John and Geoff last night. The attached
paper is the state of the art on this topic from our perspective.
Anything more we need to do to face up to potential future sceptics on
this? SST/NMAT has had little serious attack from sceptics so far. We
are working on the modern era now and recognise some problems there with
SST. The modern NMAT problems are probably more or less solved.



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Subject: FW: Awful Ch 4 programme

Hi Chris, Dave

Any thoughts on this?


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From: Jenkins, Geoff
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Subject: RE: Awful Ch 4 programme

Phils last point is interesting. Is he saying that if the skeptics
realised how fragile the bucket/intake corrections were they could go to
town on them? As I understand it, they all stem from Chris and David. Do
we need more work to get them on a firmer footing?


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From: Phil Jones []
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To: Mitchell, John FB (Chief Scientist)
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Subject: Awful Ch 4 programme
> John,

A couple of things about the web page on Climate Myths.

1. The recent eruptions were in 1982 (El Chichon) and 1991 (Pinatubo).
Effects were mostly in the years you've given (so cooling then),
but they occurred the year before.

2. On Myth 5, you could add that models have run the last millennium
as well as the last hundred years. Related to this, is the solar
in Myth 4 the new Judith Lean series?

I could add many more myths, relating to frost fairs, the MWP,
etc , if you should ever choose to add to this page. Philip Stott in
program alluded to Frost Fairs and the MWP. There is no need for the
to consider frost fairs, when we have the Manley CET record,
Swiss reconstructions and the Dutch seasonal reconstructions back to

By the way, the skeptics may one day realise that the only bias in
the surface temperature data that really matters is the bucket/intake

The page is linked off the CRU site.


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