Sunday, May 6, 2012


cc: Eystein Jansen <>, <>
date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 22:15:38 -0700
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: urgent reminder
to:, Bette Otto-Bleisner <>, Dominique Raynaud <>,, joos <>, Valerie Masson-Delmotte <>, Keith Briffa <>,, "Ricardo Villalba" <>

Hi all - if you haven't done so already, PLEASE
quickly (tomorrow if possible) send pdf's of all
"in press" papers that were cited in your
sections of the chap 6 SOD to �yvind. The TSU is
getting a tad impatient to have these.

Also, same holds true for eps versions of all figures.

Once the TSU has everything, I suspect we'll see
our final SOD posted for us to look at, to hold,
and be happy (I hope) with. Except for Keith, who
has to now worry about recent tree-ring
divergence from climate and what it means for
chap 6.... he'll update us all soon enough.
(thanks, Keith)

best, peck and Eystein
Jonathan T. Overpeck
Director, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
Professor, Department of Geosciences
Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

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