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Hello Chris,

EnvSoc are hosting the following event at UEA - would you be able to forward this to staff, PG and u
ndergrad lists?

Many thanks,

Rising Tide kicks off a year of climate action
Get involved! UEA student event, 9 October, 1PM

Tired of watching politicians and corporations screw up the planet? Think
it's time to put a liveable future ahead of corporate profits and the
growth economy? (Where's that got us? Credit crunch and climate crisis,
that's where.) Uninspired by petitions and letter-writing and want to do
something a bit more proactive? Then get involved with Norwich Rising

EnvSoc are hosting Norwich Rising Tide in a special event for UEA
students looking to get involved in the climate action movement. We'll
show a short film, talk about what kinds of campaigns we're working on in
Norwich, tell you how you can get involved locally and in national events
like the Climate Camp, and get cracking on planning our first action of
the term.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your school, year or previous experience.
See you there!

When: Thursday, 9 October, 1 - 2 PM
Where: Union House, room 1.33
More info: [1] / 07961 917535

Rising Tide takes creative direct action to confront the root causes of
climate change, and promotes equitable, community run solutions. We are
part of an international grassroots network that joins the dots between
fossil fuels, social injustice, capitalism and climate chaos.

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