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date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 13:32:51 +0100
from: ( Fran�oise Gasse)


Dear Keith,

Many thanks for your contribution.
I have taken a few days to answer as I have been more an administrator than
a scientist these last 3 days.Excuse me.
The present report will be certainly cut by Zimmie. The information that
you gave me seems OK at the moment, as every topic has to be presently
shortly of course. I have changed some words concerning my simplistic
views on the Little Ice Age..... It is exactly what is expected from you
!.Thank you. If you dont agree and/ or if you have more to say on Stream
I, please, do. Stream I has to be reinforced in PEP III for sure. I think
that in themanner that I haveinclude your information, you dont risk to be
accused to ignore other people. Let me know if unclear. Next weak , I am in
India for a meeting on the monsoon. So, if you have some remarks to do
during that time , please send them directly to Zimmie.

I will diffuse this document as a kind of PEP III news letter to all
people that have clearly manisfested their interest for PEP III in the next
few days (still waiting for some last reactions from the steering
committee members and leader scientist)s. Please, can you also diffuse it
as largely as possible to your community?

We have still to discuss in greate detail PEP III Stream I implementation
before the IGBP meeting.

All the best , and thanks again.


Francoise Gasse
Laboratoire d'hydrologie et geochimie isotopique - URA CNRS 723
Bat 504 - Universite PARIS XI - 91405 ORSAY FRANCE
tel : 33 (1) 69 41 67 56 - Fax : 33 (1) 64 46 59 38

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