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date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 11:39:13 -0500 (EST)
subject: Re: NAO poster at the INQUA conference

Dear Tim,

Thanks for your email. That sounds like a great idea, so I'm more than
happy to sign on. I'll let Ed and you work out the details. Rosanne
D'Arrigo and Heidi Cullen have been involved in our own NAO
mini-intercomparison project, so Ed can discuss w/ them too.

Please pass along to Keith, also, that his comment re the
use of instrumental data in reconstructing the NAO is very well
taken, and this is why I produced two versions of our NAO
reconstruction, one "with" and one "without" (use of instrumental
data in reconstruction), though Heidi hasn't gotten around to
adding that to the mix and seeing what happens...

By the way, Phil and I had some good discussion about comparing
reconstruction methods and results, and I'm looking forward hopefully
to working w/ you to do this in the months ahead. This is important
and worthwhile, and if things work out, Ed and I will have funding
in the states to foster methods comparisons too...


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