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date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 21:50:35 -0700
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: [Wg1-ar4-ch06] URGENT - Deadline approaching

Dear friends - Happy New Year! Eystein and I hope those taking a
holiday break had a good one, and that in any case that you are all
ready to work hard over the next 10 days until the ZOD deadline. ***

By now, you all have the compilation of material sent by Eystein on
December 30. The next step is for each section leader to finalize the
integration and editing of their section. The attached excel
spreadsheet lists who is the leader and who else has expressed
interest in contributing (and in many cases has already contributed).


***1) MOST URGENT - send Eystein and me an email IMMEDIATELY indicating

1a) when you will get our final draft section(s) (including display
items and references - see requirements below) to us - as Eystein
indicated already, it is due before Jan 7, but we would really
appreciate receipt of sections before then!

1b) what, if any help or input you need. In most cases, Eystein and I
will provide some input, and Eystein has already done that in the
draft he circulated Dec 30. I am in the process of doing this,
section by section, so if you need input right away, I'll make that
my priority. Some already have the feedback.

1c) an updated list of figures that you propose to include in your
section - please label them section number Fig X - for example
"Section 6.4.2 Fig 1" etc.

1d) an updated list of CA's (contributing authors) and their
affiliation (something quick is enough for now)

1e) confirmation that you will be watching your email closely and are
available to work on your IPCC responsibilities over the next 10
days. Please let us know the extent to which you can help review

***2) If you need anything from another LA or CA, please make the
contact/request/etc yourself! Please cc my/Eystein so we know what is
going on. ***Each section leader is responsible for their section
getting done*** This includes soliciting and integrating all the
input that is needed. It also includes getting your "section second"
(see attached table) to review edit your section.

***3) By Jan 7, hopefully earlier, you should send your draft section
text, display items and references - please send the text and display
items first, and note that the text must include captions. Please
note that all sections must be highly focused and include careful
reference to the literature. See the TAR if you need examples to

***4) note that your sections MUST be no longer than the assigned
page limit (remember that two typed pages equal one final page, so if
your assigned section is 4 pages, you have 8 single-spaced pages to
work with). Almost every section is presently too long, so you have
to only include that material that is relevant to making policy
regarding climate change - all else must be deleted. Any questions,
ask Peck and Eystein. Note also that we will make suggestions about
what to cut, or leave for another section or chapter. Please keep an
outline of material cut that might find a happy home in the appendix
- we'll worry about the appendix after the ZOD deadline next week.

We hope to hear from you ALL in the next couple days. Thanks for
making your IPCC responsibility your top responsibility over the next
10 days. This is cruch time, as they say in the movies, and we all
have to work hard together to make sure we have a good ZOD.

Cheers, Peck and Eystein
Jonathan T. Overpeck
Director, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
Professor, Department of Geosciences
Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Mail and Fedex Address:

Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
715 N. Park Ave. 2nd Floor
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
direct tel: +1 520 622-9065
fax: +1 520 792-8795

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