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date: Mon Aug 20 13:50:07 2007
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Nanne Weber & RAPID project
to: Keith Briffa <>, "Thomas Kleinen" <>

Hi Thomas and Keith,

I just spoke with Nanne about our RAPID project and this unresolved possibility of comparing Thomas' simulations with HadCM3 with their ECBilt simulations. Now that Gerard has this new "permanent" position, he will still have some time to work on the project but not all his time and so they are employing someone new for the final 5 months of the project, called Virginia (I didn't catch her surname), starting 1st September.

If we are to do a comparison, they'll need to know (1) how to configure a matching set of simulations and (2) which variables will be intercompared and compared with proxy data.

For (1), a radiative forcing history that we (Thomas) used in HadCM3 would be needed. In ECBilt, they don't put in volcanic aerosol, just lower the solar irradiance, so the volcanic+solar radiative forcing time series would be needed (not sure if they would need monthly or annual resolution), plus GHG concentration time series. For the combined radiative forcing plus atmospheric perturbation, the target NAO index value would be needed. Similarly the target THC/MOC perturbation value would be needed to compare with those runs.

For (2), we could send them a copy of the document Thomas put together showing some of the proxy data values for the key periods. Thomas, did you yet manage to reproduce this document but with 30-year means for 1671-1700 instead of the 10-year means used originally?

We'll talk in more detail soon -- Keith, are you here at all this week, or still having fun in the rain at Aldeborough?



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