Sunday, May 6, 2012


date: Wed Jun 1 16:47:13 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: This and that
to: Gabi Hegerl <>, Tom Crowley <>

Gabi, Tom,

Hope you had a good break at the beach ! Been too engrossed (or rather
besieged) by IPCC Ch 3 to have had time to send an email to Anjuli. Thought I'd
better send something before I forgot again. I hope it will become clearer soon
what needs to be done.
Next week I get to go to a meeting in Bern and I can forget IPCC for a week !
I have to do some reviewing though - 3 papers to make sure we can refer to
them in Ch 3 ! Not sure quite of the ethics on this.
Christchurch is difficult to get to, when my favourite airline say flights are full
on my preferred dates. I'd book something soon Gabi, as the return date is the
difficult one.


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