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date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 15:50:04 -0600
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: [Wg1-ar4-ch06] Re: first set of comments on Ch06-FOD-11
to: Dominique Raynaud <>

Hi Dominique - great to have you back on-line! Please refer back to our emails of July 14
for instructions on providing comments and edits on the current (July 14) FOD draft. In
particular, it will be much easier if you provide comments on a section by section basis
(edited directly into the Word version of the file), and then send to the relevant section
teams below:

Exec Summary - send to Peck and Eystein
Section 6.2 - DAVID and Stefan
Section 6.3 - Dominique, Bette, STEFAN, and Dick
Section 6.4 - BETTE, Valerie
Section 6.5 - KEITH, Ricardo, Ramesh, Dan, Prof. Zhang
Section 6.6 - FORTUNAT
Box 6.1 - DAVID, Stefan
Box 6.2 - FORTUNAT, Stefan
Box 6.3 - OLGA, Keith

Box 6.4 - KEITH, Ricardo

Note that we asked those in BOLD to be the coordinator for each section - because you were
traveling, you escaped this job! Nonetheless, you have to work FAST - see next email.

Please start by resending the comments/edits below the to right teams.

Merci! Peck and Eystein

Dear Peck, Eystein,Bette and Fortunat,

Here is a first set of comments on chapter 6 (file:Ch06-FOD-11). If you prefer I can
also include my corrections on the file.

I hope to have a second set of comments at the end of the beginning of next week.

Kind regards to all of you



- Contributing authors: please add Jean-Marc Barnola (contribution to the Vostok figure)
and Fr�d�ric Parrenin (contribution to the discussion about the validity of the EPICA DC
time scale and on the termination of an interglacial).

- Executive summary

page 6-2, line 16: ...Antarctic temperature and CO2 generally co-vary...

line 19 ...indicates that the earth could not enter....

page 6-3, lines 28 and 29: I don't understand the bullet as it is. Would it be clearer
just to say: "There is no evidence for century-to millennial-scale modes of natural
climate variability that could explain global warming of the last 150 years"?

- 6.3.1

page 6-5, line 48: we have two recent (post TAR) references for ice cores, but
no ref. for marine and terrestrial records.

line 55 delete: (see section 6.?)

page 6-6, line 2 delete Figure (6.3.1-1)

line 3 delete Greenland

line 23 ...trace gases are an important feedback...

page 6-8, lines 6 to 34: All this section about glacial-interglacial terrestrial carbon
cycle seems to present the state of the art as already known for TAR. I suggest to
delete it or to extract only the very few new facts relevant for the future. This will
help to reduce 6.3

Page 6-9 line 49 The reference NorthGrip members should be deleted here, because of no
relevance with the five glacial cycles. I am not sure what would be the good ref. here.


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