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date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 09:01:40 +0100
from: Keith Alverson <>
subject: Re: HOLCLIM
to: Keith Briffa <>

Hi Keith,

Thanks for cc'ing me this - I had some discussions with Rick recently about
this but have not done anything. In my opinion it would be a great benefit
both ways for any successful FW6 paleo program to have the PAGES office as a
full partner in the IP. I envision a situation where, PAGES would receive
~100k euro per year from the EU (this is half what the US and Switzerland
provide), and provide things like dissemination, workshops, editing,
publications and publicity as well as links to the broader international

However, clearly we cannot play favorites if there are competing proposals.
I am unsure how to best proceed and would appreciate any advice you may
have. Good luck with the proposal.

PS. Was the medieval warm period warmer than the 1990s or not?


on 11/04/2003 01:16 PM, Keith Briffa at wrote:

> Hi Jean and Dominique
> I am just sending this brief message to let you know , in case it has not
> filtered back to you , that we (in the form of the ESF HOLIVAR SSC)
> are still moving towards submitting a proposal for an IP , under Framework
> 6 , in the call that we are hoping will still materialize in a relevant
> form , in the anticipated September 2004 Call for Proposals . At present ,
> our understanding is that there is still no definite Palaeoclimate aspect
> included , but some members of the advisory panel are working hard to
> ensure that one is . Rick Battarbee (Chair of the Holivar SSC) , Eystein
> Jansen , Simon Tett and myself are meeting in UCL , London, on the 17th
> November to discuss the development of what we see as the follow up to our
> initial EoI submitted last year (and on which you were both named).
> The concept marries a study of natural and anthropogenic climate change
> using a combination of various palaeoclimate , observed and simulated
> climate data , using statistical and modeling (incorporating a range of
> complexity from Fully-coupled GCMs to simple EB models) approaches to
> combining, interpreting and predicting evidence of climate change. The time
> period of interest will be the Holocene , in keeping with the HOLIVAR
> mandate and representing a major expansion of my own current and similar
> project that is focused only on the period after AD 1500.
> We realize this is early days , and that you may be considering a longer
> time frame project yourselves . However, in a spirit of co-operation and
> hopefully collaboration, we wanted to let you know, and ultimately request
> your involvement. Eystein has now , I believe, decided that an IP (not a
> NoE) and a Holocene (not longer) focus is more likely to be supported than
> the original DOCC EoI.
> The involvement of the ice and ocean communities are vital to our proposed
> project. We would welcome your thoughts.
> Very best wishes
> Keith
> (For Rick, Eystein, Simon etc.)
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