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date: Wed Jan 16 13:27:37 2002
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: Int Dev Comm.
to: Nick Brooks <>, Neil Adger <>,,Alex Haxeltine <>,

I cannot make the 29th either. Maybe Neil/Kate could.
In the meantime, all should know that Warrilow in DEFRA gave evidence to the IDC on Monday
and was asked a question by one MP about what work Tyndall was doing re. developing
countries (he said 'what was the world-class centre of excellence at the Tyndall Centre
doing?' - !). Since, as a civil servant he has to reply to such questions, Warrilow asked
me for some summary information.
The attached file therefore picks out the six main activities Tyndall is currently doing
with developing countries.
At 16:29 15/01/02 +0000, Nick Brooks wrote:

Dear All
As many of us no doubt suspected, Tyndall have been asked if we can provide people
for the panel for the oral evidence session on climate change and sustainable
This is scheduled for 10:30 am on Tuesday 29 January. Declan can't make it, and
most of the rest of you are away as I write, so Alex and I decided that we should
promise at least two people, whose identities are to be confirmed. If no-one else is
available we will do this - Tyndall should certainly be represented. Please let me
now at some point in the very near future whether you can/want to participate.
At present the session is likely to be split in two, with the first part addressing
(i) vulnerability and (ii) impacts, lasting some 30-40 minutes. The second part will
the conclusions of the first together with issues of (iii) adaptation, and (iv)
lives and risk management. The committee are thinking of calling one or two witnesses
for each of these four topics. Saleemul Huq will be on the panel, and they are waiting
hear from Sari Kovats. If there are only four of us, they may run the two parts together
and use all of us throughout. The entire session will last for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. If they
have trouble finding panel members, the session will probably be postponed, and we'll
all be asked again. If I can promise 3 or 4 people from Tyndall I suspect the session
go ahead regardless of their success finding members in addition to us and Saleem.
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