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date: Thu Jul 5 22:04:58 2001
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Fwd: fast track impact assessment
to: arnell,cannell

Nigel and Melvin,
As fellow Tyndall people at the meeting Martin refers to, is there anything you can/should
add to Martin's analysis about the way forward? Before talking with Martin I would like
other views. My various discussions with David Warrilow would not necessarily have led me
to the same conclusion. I will be seeing David next week and will ask.

Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 11:23:35 EDT
Subject: fast track impact assessment
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The view of the fast track team that emerged when we met on 3rd July was that
DEFRA would view a bid from Tyndall for DEFRA funding actually quite
negatively since Tyndall is receiving public funds. What we propose to do is
to bid to DEFRA as the fast track group, but also make a research proposal to
Tyndall in Round 2 for funding that makes links to Tyndall's developing
integrated assessment model. This should strenthen both Tyndall's and
DEFRA's products.
We have suggested to David Warrilow that this work should not be considered
until the current phase is complete (c. April 2002).
Subj: Re: DETR/DEFRA July 3rd
Date: 21/6/2001 21:25:58 GMT Daylight Time
From: (Mike Hulme)
File: BackupofIAV(02June).wbk (276480 bytes) DL Time (32000 bps): < 2
I have 2 visitors on the 3 July here at UEA so may not be able to come.
I think it is important that if DEFRA tender for further work that Tyndall
Centre provides the umbrella under which we bid - we formally have Arnell,
Cannell, Parry and informally LSHTM. I am also exploring ways of bringing
Nicholls and Martens into the Centre framework.
DEFRA are looking for ways of working more closely with Tyndall and this is
one route. I have a feeling however that DEFRA may want something rather
rough and ready compared to HJS's long-term view of tighter model
integration. Still, it may be a stepping stone.
I would like to talk about this before the 3rd.
My concept document from last year is attached.
At 04:31 19/06/01 -0400, you wrote:
>On July 3rd (11.00-2.30) the fast-track impacts authors are convening at
>LSHTM to confer about next FT steps. David Warrilow has indicated that DEFRA
>wishes to make an open call (maybe as early as August) for a 2nd phase fast
>track that a) includes variability/extremes and b) analyses between-sector
>effects. We want to be ready to tender for that.
>Please come of you can (David Viner is); if not, may we discuss the paper
>you wrote for DETR about last December on looking at extremes (can you
>re-send this to me?)
>Also: look forward to your comments on Royal Society.
>Prof. Martin L. Parry
>Jackson Environment Institute
>University of East Anglia
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Prof. Martin L. Parry
Jackson Environment Institute
University of East Anglia
Tel: +44 (0) 1603 592 318
Fax: +44 (0) 1603 593 896
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