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date: Tue Feb 26 12:41:18 2002
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: RE: Rubbish from European Science and Environment Forum
to: "Jenkins, Geoff" <>

I've looked at the preface - all 11 'experts' are from America - strange for a European
Forum eh? - with a forward from Philip Stott. The same Marshall Institute type of material
with Legates, Lindzen, etc.
Also discovered that the ESEF is a registered charity operating out of a small village,
Barton, outside Cambridge in a house next to my sister's cottage! She tells me the guy -
perhaps Roger Bate? - runs a Merc. with a Westminster car pass. Next time I visit her,
I'll go a-calling.
At 11:17 26/02/02 +0000, you wrote:

I agree. It sort of died a death so suggest let's keep it that way.
Resurrecting it would do more harm than good. DEFRA haven't pressed us to do
anything (which they often do), so I guess they feel the same - and they
might not want us to drag it all up either. I haven't actually seen the ESEF
book - has anyone?
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> From: Yeatman, Andy
> Sent: 26 February 2002 11:03
> To: Jenkins, Geoff; Griggs, Dave
> Subject: FW: Rubbish from European Science and Environment Forum
> Any thoughts or do you think Sir John's interview was adequate. THere is
> a view that replying just gives the esef report credibility which it
> doesn't deserve. Also I can't think of an obvious outlet for a rebuttal
> given that Simon doesn't want to reply to the press piece.
> Andy
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> From: Simon Torok [SMTP:]
> Sent: 26 February 2002 10:34
> To:; catherine. cook@ukcip. org. uk
> Subject: Rubbish from European Science and Environment Forum
> Dear Andy and Catherine,
> Did either of you hear the substantial (in volume, not substance) and
> negative review of the IPCC report by the European Science and Environment
> Forum (ESEF)? There was an article in the Daily Mail, a Stott vs Houghton
> debate on Radio 4 and an item on BBC Online. I'm not aware of any
> Broadsheets
> picking it up.
> Have your organisations thought about a response? Considering the
> approaching UKCIP02 launch, Mike thought the three of us could do a
> rebuttal
> to the ESEF paper (not a reply to the press piece), perhaps with input
> from
> the Carbon Trust who contacted us about a reply to the Daily Mail. The
> press
> side could be handled perhaps with a release drawing attention to our
> rebuttal paper. An authoritative response with a link to the Royal
> Society's
> statement about the IPCC supported by international science academies
> (
> me
> ntid=138) would perhaps prevent such rubbish getting any media space in
> future.
> The full ESEF paper is at [1] and
> the associated release at
> [2] They're obviously
> very anti-environment, and interestingly, the 'experts' on this 'European'
> panel are all in the US.
> I'd envisage a reply from us being just a couple of pages. Please let me
> know if you have already started something, if you'd like to combine our
> efforts, or if you feel a response is inappropriate.
> Regards, Simon.
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