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cc: ":"
date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 09:10:19 -0700
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: Re: URGENT review requested
to: Fortunat Joos <>

Hi Fortunat - excellent suggestions, thanks. Not
sure if Chap 8 will trump our "models can
simulate response to past forcing" entry, but
it's worth a try. The attached reflects your

Keith and Eystein - if you want to weigh in, pls
use track changes to do so on the attached,
updated, table. Will send to TSU this aft, my

Thanks! Peck

>Hi Peck,
>here my edits.
>Suggest to add on or two new bullets in the 1.
>column and replace one bullet by another in the
>uncertainty column.
>Jonathan Overpeck wrote:
>>Hi Eystein, Keith and Fortunat - this is a
>>special request for help from the Euro team, so
>>I know I have solid feedback by the time I get
>>to work tomorrow am. Please respond asap (using
>>track changes if you can).
>>1) Tomorrow I have to send the TSU our Robust
>>Findings and Key Uncertainties Table. I have
>>attached this table. Please edit, and if you
>>think a Finding or Uncertainty is missing,
>>please suggest exactly how you think it should
>>be worded, and, if it is a Finding, suggest
>>which existing one it should replace (I suspect
>>they don't want more, but we could try). Please
>>keep in mind this table will be part of the TS
>>(not our chapter), and they must be VERY policy
>>relevant - this is not the place for things a
>>policy maker would not understand. Also, we
>>need to use plainer English than in our Exec
>>Summary bullets.
>>2) I also attach the latest Exec Summary, with
>>the latest from Keith and Fortunat (e.g.,
>>reordered as you suggested). I will send this
>>in to the TSU tomorrow too, so if you want to
>>read and edit (PLEASE USE TRACK CHANGES),
>>that'll help too, but this is less important
>>than working on the Robust/Key table.
>>Many thanks! Cheers, peck
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