Monday, May 7, 2012


cc: Keith
date: Mon Oct 12 12:07:03 2009
from: Tom Melvin <>
subject: Keith Email
to: Mike


For Keith's Email :

1. Copied the full C:\Eudora directory to my portable.

2. Deleted the 12000 temporay .gif files from C:\Eudora\Embedded.

3. Copied 3.5 gig of attachments (1 year or older) from C:\Eudora\Attach to C:\OldAttach - this will need to be copied back to his PC

4. He is left with a 1.5 gig C:\Eudora directory on my portable which can be copied back to his PC and readily be moved from PC to portable etc.

5. When using my portable (via yellow cable (in office) or various WiFi networks) Keith logs in to VPN.


PS. I need to take my portable to a conference w/c 26th Oct.

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