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date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 18:43:23 -0300
from: "Ricardo Villalba" <>
subject: Greetings from Mendoza
to: "Edward R. Cook" <>, "Keith Briffa" <>

Dear Ed,

Hope everything is going fine at LDEO. Together with Keith
Briffa and other folks, we are collaborating in the elaboration of the new
IPPC Assessment. Keith is intensively working on the Northern Hemisphere
records and he asked me to compile all the available information on
temperature reconstructions in the Southern Hemisphere since the IPCC Third
Assessment in year 2001. The S.H. section should be very brief as regards
text, and possibly have a Figure incorporated as part of "Regional Changes"
or "The past 2000 years" sections. Please, find attached a file containing
a couple of paragraphs on temperature variations in the SH and a tentative
figure. As you will note, I incorporate the New Zealand temperature
reconstruction from the figure in your GRL paper. I do not have the actual

At this point, I kindly ask you to check the attached text to see if I am
missing some vital piece of information on the SH since IPCC third
Assessment. I would also appreciate a digital copy of the New Zealand
temperature reconstruction to properly be included in the Figure.

Keith also wants to know if you are willing to collaborate in the
incorporation of your beautiful work on the North American PDSI
reconstruction in the Assessment. Final decision on the material to be
included in the Assessment depends on the coordinators of the chapter
(Overpeck and Jansen) but we are trying to include as much information on
tree rings as we can.

Ed, thanks in advance for your help. Cheers,


> Ricardo
> just to confirm my feeling that the S.H. section should be very brief as
> regards text (but incorporated definitely in 2000 year section) , and
> possibly have Figure incorporated as part of "Regional Changes" section -
> at present unclear where this goes - probably eventually better as part of
> 2000 year section also. I am expecting you (with Ed ) to rewrite the SH
> section, Large scale drought and regional section , with prescribed
> restrictions.
> Keith
> At 14:32 03/06/2005, wrote:
> >Dear Keith, Peck and Eystein
> > As we agreed in Beijing, I am sending for your consideration a
> >with the most relevant information on high-resolution records in the
> >Southern Hemisphere since TAR. The figure includes the New Zealand
> >(Oroco Swamp) and Tasmania (updated 2000) reconstructions by Ed Cook, and
> >our new temperature reconstructions for northern and southern Patagonia
> >(2003). I am working on a pair of short paragraphs highlighting the most
> >important features in these reconstructions.
> >As we also agreed, I am reviewing all the ENSO+NAO+AO+AAO in the ZOD to
> >avoid repetitions and dispersion of this information across the Chapter.
> >In the Beijing meeting I got the impression that this information would
> >show up at the end of the section on The last 2000 years, but in the new
> >outline from Peck and Eystein I saw that my all section (6.5.4) on Modes
> >of variability still is there. However I note, that they also have
> >included in section 6.5.4 Regional climate extremes over the last 2000
> >years. Do you have in mind how to proceed with the regional extreme
> >events?
> >Best regards,
> >Ricardo
> --
> Professor Keith Briffa,
> Climatic Research Unit
> University of East Anglia
> Norwich, NR4 7TJ, U.K.
> Phone: +44-1603-593909
> Fax: +44-1603-507784

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