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date: Thu Dec 9 08:28:11 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Correspondence with Chris Landsea

So you've heard. The other email may explain more and/or give details.
We will have to do without him. We still need to get a diagram, but we should
probably let this die down now.
Susan and Martin (and you can see the others) got the earlier email (which
you now have - if you've not got it from elsewhere). Keep me infomed.
By the way, still nothing from the Japanese contact, despite 2 reminders at
least. I'll send an email to the first Japanese I contacted.
At 02:24 09/12/2004, you wrote:

I have not seen any of this. I just heard today at the NCAR Xmas party from
Tim Killeen that this existed. So I feel blindsided. I understand he has
resigned from CA of our chapter.
I responded to his earlier message in a fairly low key fashion. I think he
has behaved irresponsibly and ought to be fired by NOAA for not have an open
enough mind to even consider that climate change might be affecting
hurricanes. I am quickly becoming outraged by this and I hope it backfires on
On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Martin Manning wrote:
> Dear Phil and Kevin
> Today Susan received a copy of some correspondence between Chris Landsea
> and Dr Pachauri regarding coverage of hurricanes and global warming by the
> IPCC. Although we were aware that Dr Landsea was raising the issue
> generally, we were not aware of the approach to Dr Pachauri and it is
> perhaps unfortunate that this was not referred to Susan.
> However, Susan would now like to consider a further appropriate response to
> Dr Landsea and she has asked me to ask you to wait for that before you
> consider any possible response of your own (assuming that you have seen the
> correspondence anyway?).
> Thanks
> Martin
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