Monday, May 7, 2012


date: Fri Oct 1 13:52:44 1999
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: assessment panel - confidential
to: reynard


Please keep this confidential, but these are names we know are on the Panel (plus Schellnhuber):

Sir Crispin Tickell (Chairman); Danny Ellerman (Energy Programme
MIT); Michael Gibbons (Deputy General Association of Commonwealth
Universities; member of the ESRC Council); Charlotte Grezel (Manager of
Climate Change Programme at BP); Geoff Randall (NERC Council); Steve Rayner
(Battelle; led the recent programme on policy responses to climate change);
Robert Channon (PEGASUS); Tim Swithinbank (Department of Chemical
Engineering Sheffield University); Alan Thorpe (Hadley Centre).

Do you know Danny Ellerman? And looks like NERC do have a nominee - Randall.



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