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date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 08:58:33 +0100
from: "Colin Harpham" <c.harphamatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: RE: [Fwd: Current versions of the WG chapter asnd annex]
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Can you let me have the latest stand alone version of rainsim (which
hopefully has fixed the Aldergrove problem.


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Subject: [Fwd: Current versions of the WG chapter asnd annex]

Chris, Colin,
This is my last email before going on holiday. So
there were more comments ! I've dealt with them on a hard copy
on the way home, as they were all fairly trivial.

Colin is going to get revised Figs 5.4/5.5 done. I got the
PMG to agree to just LHR and just the base RCM run. So all can
be done in b/w. See below and I can add them in between Aug 4
and 20.

The main surprise was that Bob Watson wanted the whole report
to go out for peer review. DEFRA and MOHC have talked him out
of this, but the they want Ch 5 and Annex 4 in a separate
report, so there will be one more UKCIP08 report - ours.
Roger says this will make no difference as you'll download the
lot in a pdf from the web site. Not sure if this is a way
of dropping us at the last minute, but I think not.
It may be a way for MOHC to distance itsefl from the WG. I'll
try and contact Bob Watson when I'm back.

As for the extremes - still no agreement. I got them
to agree on Tx > = 25.0 well whatever UKCIP02 did re
> or equal to. Also Tn < 0.0. As for precip simple ones
like greatest 5 day precip and either R90T or R90N - see
the email from Roger re what the Met Office are doing in the way
of observational plots. Apart from the future we should
get the batch runs done on WG present so we can compare with
61-90 values directly from the obs. No idea when these might
come, but would make useful validation.

As for teh future - Geoff will be sending new change factors
on Aug 19. Yes they are doing another load - changing the carbon
cycle. He says you have some change factors from Dave,
so don't need them from Ag. Sarah will look into getting them
from BADC. Either way they will change on Aug 19. Getting the
WG present done will help with validation.

Oh and Steph from UKCIP wants all final version of the diagrams
by Aug 20 !!! Yes I know - Roger is getting worried and
prattling on.

I'll call and see how you're getting on on Aug 4 or 5.

Hopefully you're bit Colin won't take long and can be
done next week. Maybe best to do all ~10 locations for
the one RCM.

Odd things going on at DEFRA. DAvid Warrilow has been acting
head of a group for 2 years. He applied for the post but
someone else got it. So he is back doing climate events now -
whatever that is. Someone called Nafees Meah from food
securities is taking over the section in the autumn!


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Subject: Current versions of the WG chapter asnd annex
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Date: Fri, July 25, 2008 8:42 pm
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Roger, Kathryn,
These are our changes to Ch 5 and Annex 4 so far.
They don't include the changes for UKCIP comments.
Geoff gave me those at the meeting. Chris didn't
have these.
I'll add these in during the week of Aug 4. I can send
back with new Figures from Colin for 5.4/5.5 on Aug 20.


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