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date: Wed May 28 08:46:25 2008
from: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: 5/27/08
to: "Thomas.R.Karl" <Thomas.R.KarlatXYZxyza.gov>, Wei-Chyung Wang <wangatXYZxyzmate.cestm.albany.edu>

Attached is the accepted JGR paper. I sent it back for typesetting a few days ago.
Not sure what to do - other than good science.
As for lawyers, Mike Mann has one who he told me would give some free advice.
I realize you may not want to go down this route, but it would be useful to know your
options and what it all might involve.
I'll give the matter more thought - seeing Tom on June 10/11.
I have two Chinese from CMA with me at the moment - including Li Qingxiang.
We've done a bit more work with his 728 station network, and it seems as
though the 0.1 deg C per decade effect for China is robust to a number of
choices - the SST way in the paper, Ren et al (2008) and some new stuff
we've done with as rural stations as we can find in China. There is also the
Ordinary Weather Station network in China, which have yet to be homogenized.
Also looking at the 0.1 deg/decade rate - it appears to be greater more recently.
The 1990 results very robust.
Also nearly forgot - glad to hear that this is all over.
One thought - presuming Keenan has been told the decision, let's see if
he does anything to his web site. If not in a few weeks (I doubt he will), then
SUNY should put out a press release, and send it around?
At 20:49 27/05/2008, Thomas.R.Karl wrote:

I think the real issue is how to prevent these frivolous accusations from occurring
again (and try to get some compensation for all your time and effort to get this cleared
up). Perhaps the lawyers can advise you as to the best course of action here.
Wei-Chyung Wang said the following on 5/27/2008 3:28 PM:

Hi, Tom and Phil,

I finally got the SUNYA committee report concerning the allegation, the statement from
the report,

..finds no evidence of the alleged fabrication of results and nothing that rises to the
level of research misconduct having been committed by Dr. Wang

Now, the University wants to know what we would like them to do to restore our
reputation. Please get back to me as soon as possible, I am leaving for Taiwan 5/29^th
for a Bilateral Workshop on exchanges in Atmospheric Sciences between National Taiwan
University and SUNYA, which I have been coordinating in the past year or so.

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