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date: Thu Nov 4 15:59:34 2004
from: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Two things - Cyclone box and Tom Wigley
to: Kevin Trenberth <trenbertatXYZxyz.ucar.edu>

Tom Wigley - how could I forget ! He is retiring from UEA on Jan 18 2005. He has to
as he'll be 65. He'll stay on with you. Ben and I were wondering when we were in Seattle
the other week, whether there is anything we could or should do for him to mark this -
or maybe later. Possible idea was a series of talks by some of his friends at a day in
Boulder - on a theme. Most likely half baked, but we only discussed it for a few minutes
as Ben arrived only a few hours before I left. Has NCAR done anything like this before -
for Rol Madden or Roy Jenne, for example?
PS we have a number of first drafts of letters/reviews that were never sent !


On the cyclones box, I've found out that there is IPCC committee chaired by Taroh
Matsuno in Japan. My contact there has raised the issue with them. He's offered to
to co-ordinate something. I've stressed urgency etc. He is Hiroki Kondo who is at the
Frontier Research Centre. He was involved in the WMO on the Climate of the 20th Century.
Let's run with this for a few more days and see where we get.
Neville suggested Johnny Chan but said he would just say the same thing as Chris Landsea
He then suggested Bin Wang (in Hawaii or somewhere). Any thoughts on that? I know the
name but that is all.
Nothing much going on re Ch 3. Albert is trying answer Fatima's questions and get her
to write her text accordingly. Proof will only come with time.
I've forwarded a couple of people from other chapters into the appropriate people -
both from
Ch 9 on Dectection to Dave Easterling and David Parker. Want to know what we will say
on precip and trop height. Both covered.

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