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date: Mon Feb 7 16:00:07 2005
from: Keith Briffa <k.briffaatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: FW: TOR temperature reconstruction
to: "Myles Allen" <m.allen1atXYZxyzsics.ox.ac.uk>, "Gabi Hegerl" <hegerlatXYZxyze.edu>, "Martin Juckes" <M.N.JuckesatXYZxyzac.uk>

Myles et al
Thanks fot the offer .The subject is exercising many minds , and no doubt much parallel
effort is underway to reassess the methodology and results of the Hockey Stick , and review
the issues of anthropogenic versus natural forcing of millennium and recent climate change.
The coming Moberg Nature paper , while not adding much to the Science, will likely fuel the
discussion further.
Not unexpectedly we (myself, Tim Osborn, and colleagues In the Hadley Centre and Germany
), will work on the issue . Already , problems with the Von Storch paper have been
identified and a paper submitted by other German colleagues pointing this out.
The money on offer from the call seems low and the time scale for the work tight. Hence, we
would be happy to collaborate , but the level would perhaps be best kept low - Not that
this is not of fundamental importance and priority , but because we are very committed and
over the next 2 to 3 weeks , especially so , working on an EC proposal (that will contain a
significant element of methodological work in this area).
The bottom line then is that I and Tim would be happy to be named as collaborators (perhaps
just wit a little money to cover attending a meeting?) but could not likely over-commit to
a strict timetable. We will not be putting in a competing proposal.
14:55 07/02/2005, Myles Allen wrote:

Dear Gabi, Keith and Martin,
I have just received the enclosed invitation-to-tender from RIVM (perhaps you have
received it as well). As it happens, both Gabi and I and Martin Juckes and I have been
talking extensively about this issue, and Gabi and Martin have already (independently)
made a good deal of progress. In case you haven't met, Martin is an expert in optimal
estimation working at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory as well as here in Oxford.
Would you be interested in responding to this call together? It would seem like a good
opportunity to bring these strands together.
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From: Bertjan Heij [[1]mailto:Bertjan.Heij@rivm.nl]
Sent: 07 February 2005 11:22
To: Myles Allen
Subject: TOR temperature reconstruction
Dear Dr. Allen,
I've got your name from our Met Office staff (KNMI, the Netherlands). They
suggested that you might be interested in carrying out an assessment on
reconstruction of temperatures of the past 1000 years (the 'hockeystick').
Attached you find the context (the subprogramme WAB of the Netherlands
Research Programme on Climate Change) and the Terms of Reference for the
project . Please let me know whether you are interested to submit a project
proposal, based on the TOR.
BertJan Heij
(See attached file: 10-10 TORlaatsteversie-EN.doc)(See attached file: wab
internettekst rapinfo-engels.doc)
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