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date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 14:13:09 +0100
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subject: Fwd: CII - climate change project
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For information. Clare

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Subject: CII - climate change project
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Hello everyone,
This is a belated progress report. Apologies for the great delay, as I have been
swamped by other work on climate change, and a few parts of the CII project itself.

Fiona Andrews has moved from CII to another organisation. Susan Divall will now be the
project co-ordinator. Susan and I havd already had one useful meeting to plan in detail
how we go forward.
Andrew Howie at CII is supporting the project, and has already started to send out
chapters for review.
CII has also confirmed that there will be a printed version of the full report. They
need our guidance on numbers and recipients ( see action, below).
Apart from the full report, there will be a summary version with key points and
recommendations, aimed at the CII faculties. I will draft that on the bass of the full

Project timetable
Clearly we have slipped, and it looks like launch will be early November. The exact
format will depend on the messages we have in the report.

Individual chapter status
1 Intro Dlugolecki Andrew D to draft
2 Since 2000 Bolster, Couchman, Dlugolecki Andrew D to finalise
3 Science Agnew, Goodess Final drafting.Send to all for info
by end June
4 Modelling Bermingham, Crerar Drafting?
5 Insurability Ford Andrew D to edit. CII
seeking reviewer
6 Capital markets Harpum Gone to review
7 Personal lines Crichton, Johnson Final drafting on floods. Andrew D
claims reviewer.
Possibly add

8 SME Crichton Ready for review
9 Industrial Lambert, Milroy Andrew D seeking claims author
via CII
10 Liability Aslet-Jones, Martin Andrew D to edit, then CII sends
for review
11 Construction Walden CII seeking reviewer
12 Energy Coates,Hall Gone to review
13 Agric & Forestry Bean, Martin Andrew D to edit, then CII sends for
14 Tourism& Leisure Perry CII seeking insurance author to
15 Life, Pensions,Savings Couchman Gone to review
16 Investment Silver Gone to review
17 Carbon markets Richardson Gone to review
18 Sustainability Buist Andrew D to edit, then CII
sends for review
19 CSR Dlugolecki Andrew D to draft

Review process
This has already started, and chapters wil be sent away as they are completed. The
reviewers' comments will come back to me via the CII, and I will then contact you
individually about any necessary changes.

Other matters
* I will give a resume of the project on July 10th at the CII's underwriting day.
* ABI are currently working with Lloyd's on a project called something like principles of
climate insurance. They intend a launch on September 13.
* UNFCCC is actively looking at how to involve insurance in the climate change
negotiations. They are holding a workshop on June 20th in London. I am chairing a
session on adaptation, and there is a session on mitigation (energy industries etc).
* UN has developed a 3-week elearning course on finance and climate change, with a focus
on the energy sector, from the viewpoint of insurers, banks and asset management.I
habve just finished being a mentor for 2 weeks.

1 Who do you think the CII report should be sent to? Please be specific, in terms of
numbers and organisations.
2 Please finish your draft as soon as possible, if you have not done it already!

I will be in touch with you individually in the coming days,
Best wishes to you all
Andrew Dlugolecki

Dr Clare Goodess

Climatic Research Unit

School of Environmental Sciences

University of East Anglia




Tel: +44 -1603 592875

Fax: +44 -1603 507784

Web: [1]http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/


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