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date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 08:39:22 EST
from: PARRYMLatXYZxyz.com
subject: TGCIA meeting
to: tim.carter@vyh.fi, m.hulmeatXYZxyz.ac.uk

Tim and Mike:
Following our conversations this week (I called Tim after talking briefly to
Mike) I conclude that you can both attend the TGCIA meeting 30 May-1st June
in Amsterdam and find sufficient pre-meeting preparatory time. Please correct
me if I am wrong, because on Monday we are sending out draft agenda and I do
not wish to proceed unless we have key people. (I have contacted others in
key areas to confirm their participation also)
The main purpose will be to discuss a more comprehensive data guidance
facility which was mooted at the New York meeting. For this we need your
input on: a) B.1 in the attached minute from last May's mtg (paper
identifying other (environmental) data sets for inlcusion in the DDC; b) B2
which is the pattern-scaled results for the DDC which capture the SRES range
and other uncertainties, so that the Group can decide whether to recommend
that these be included in the DDC; and c) a think piece (B.4 of the minutes)
on how we might proceed to provide a facility that gives access to integrated
scenarios for the impact assessor, which we can discuss at the next mtg. By
mid-April we should have a clearer picture (following the Nairobi plenary) of
what kind of 4th assessment is envisaged. Probably most useful will be to
circulate the think piece about 1st May to solicit more Group input before
the Amsterdam meeting. In essence, this timing means we need papers from you
(and I have said same to others regarding other actions) before end of April.
On Monday, unless I hear from you, I'll put this on the agenda. I'll be
seeing Bob Watson in DC in late April to ensure our agenda fits with what he
envisages. And Tim, can you do likewise when he is in Finland (next week?)

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