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date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 19:04:31 -0600
from: Martin Manning <mmanningatXYZxyznoaa.gov>
subject: [Wg1-ar4-las] The WG1 Review process is underway
to: wg1-ar4-lasatXYZxyzs.ucar.edu

Dear Lead Authors
Those of you who are registered as expert reviewers for the first order draft will have
recently received the general invitation that has gone out to about 1200 experts around the
world inviting them to submit review comments and providing them with the access details
for the WG1 FOD review web site. For those of you who did not receive this I am attaching
here for your information another copy of the "invitation-to-review" letter from the WG1
You are welcome to access the review web site as explained in the attached letter in order
to obtain a copy of the draft as it has been distributed. We will shortly be sending Word
document versions of each chapter to the corresponding CLAs so that you will have this
exact version to work from when considering revisions.
Please note that we are asking that all review comments be submitted through the TSU as we
are conducting a formal review process and operating under some specific IPCC rules. In
particular, it is important to avoid any perception that certain colleagues or groups of
scientists have special channels for making comments to you as authors. Thus all comments
are to be treated equally and if you have colleagues who would like to make comments on the
draft we would ask that you urge them to register as a reviewer on our main web site:
(use the link under "News") and to then submit their comments as part of the standard
review process. People registering this way will receive the review instructions from us
Finally, on behalf of the TSU, may I express my sincere appreciation to you all, and
particularly to the CLAs, for the quality of the first order draft as submitted. While you
will see that the TSU has made many small changes for consistency in format and to correct
some errors, this job was made much easier by the care that you obviously all put into
preparing the draft in the first place. A list of changes made by the TSU to each chapter
(other than formatting) will be sent to the CLAs shortly - these cover things like
correcting some cross referencing between chapters, and will include a list of any
references that were removed because they were to papers that are not yet available.
Best regards
Martin Manning

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