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Hi Susan, Dahe and Martin,

This is very big news here in Canada. It looks like I will be interviewed live
on CTV at 6 pm EST. Several people have asked me what IPCC will do with the
prize money.

I have been telling them that I think IPCC should set up a fund to help
developing countries adopt cleaner technologies for energy production. I think
that funds could then be levered from many other organizations.

Thanks for your very gracious and careful wording below. It has been the work of
thousands of scientists.

Best regards, Ken

Susan Solomon wrote:
> Dear Members of the WG1 AR4 Team,
> You probably already know that the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize for
> 2007 announced today are the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
> and Mr. Albert Gore, Jr. It is clear from the Nobel Committee's press
> release (see
> http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/2007/press.html) that
> this is recognition of the nearly twenty years of tireless work by the
> climate change science community. In particular we would like to
> acknowledge the wisdom and insight of Dr Bert Bolin in establishing the
> IPCC and setting its guiding principles, and of Sir John Houghton for
> his founding leadership of IPCC WG1.
> The Nobel Committee cited the importance of dissemination of greater
> knowledge in making this award, so the honor today is fundamentally to
> science and its value to all humankind. The IPCC's role is defined by
> its reports which have been the core of our efforts and the primary way
> in which we have informed the public. Those reports are your work and
> that of previous Lead Authors so this is very much your prize and
> recognition of your untiring efforts, dedication to balance, and
> teamwork across the continents.
> We would also like to acknowledge co-recipient Al Gore for his enormous
> efforts to take the messages of climate change science to the public.
> Congratulations again.
> Susan, Martin, and Dahe
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