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date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 10:50:37 +0200
from: Kurt Nicolussi <>
subject: Re: Divergence
to: Tom Melvin <>

Hi Tom,

thank your for your mail. The fine weather (sunny and warm) is over at
the moment, but I managed to go into field yesterday before it started

> I criticised Walter Oberhuber's methods during his talk. He found
> divergence using curve-fitting methods. He gave me a copy of his paper
> (2008 - Trees). He has a good set of trees, suitable for demonstrating
> the absence of divergence. Do you work with/know his group?
Tomy told me about your discussion with Walter - of course, I know him a
little bit - in the early 90ies, I personally worked about 1 year at the
Institute of Botany, than I went back to a better job at the former
Institute of High Mountain Research, and Walter got be former job at the

He is more focused on physiological questions and recent time periods -
at least up to now.

> Also I tried a transform with simple RCS method. The latest 140 years of
> tree growth do not fit the lower growth levels of the previous
> millennia. See attached. I will try other standardisation e.g. multiple
> curves etc and also try and find lower climate values to produce a wider
> distribution.

I don't believe in simple RCS, as you know.

one wish:

- could you write a procedure for cruRCS, that it is possible to choose
the splitting of series for multiple RCS (e.g. three RCS-curves: within
+/- 1 standard deviations is one group, and the two other groups are
outside of these limits)

Best regards


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