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date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 12:32:03 -0700 (PDT)
from: "Tim Barnett" <>
subject: Re: proposal-unrelated curiosity
to: "claudia tebaldi" <>

claudia...i was asked to comment on the paper; a tepid comment at best.
they just matched a couple of trends. they did not do a heat budget as
they should have. so they maybe right, they maybe wrong. will have to
wait until the problem is done properly. and as i remember they did no
formal D&A. hope this helps, tim
> Hi again
> this time a personal inquiry: someone just sent me this paper about
> SST variability in the tropical Atlantic, where it is claimed that a
> large portion of the variability is related to aerosols (dust from
> West Africa and volcanic eruption). I was curious to hear from any of
> you that may have seen this and may want to comment. From the
> abstract, they claim that 69% of the 'recent upward trend' (from
> 1980ish) is explained by aerosols forcing, but then they perform a
> sensitivity analysis to parameters in their model and admit to
> non-robustness of this particular result, if I understand
> correctly...There is no detection/attribution formal methodology at
> play, from what I can tell; they are also apportioning the source of
> variability between strato- and tropospheric aerosols and it is not
> clear to me how they do I too quick and judgmental, or is
> this actually a fairly weak result?
> Thanks for any pearl of wisdom you feel like sharing -- I don't know
> enough about a lot of the issues involved here, so I'm trying to
> understand and I thought I exploit my new position as IDAG
> hopefully-honcho-to-be by asking the experts.
> c
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> Claudia Tebaldi
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> currently visiting IMAGe/NCAR
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