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Hi there,

we need some data on Soon and Baliunas. one of my concerns is that
they only publish in low impact journals and completely bypass the
normal give and take of presentations at open scientific meetings
(for example, I think I have probably heard 100 presentations overall
from the people on this mailing list).

it is therefore very important to inquire for the sake or our
exchanges with reporters/legislators etc as to how often any of you
may have heard Soon or Baliunas give a talk in an open meeting, where
they could defend their analyses.

please respond to me as to whether you have heard either of them
present something on their paleo-analyses (I think I heard Baliunas
speak once on her solar-type star work, but that doesn't count).

I will let you know the results of the poll so that we may all be on
the same grounds with respect to the data and reporting such
information to press inquiries/legislators etc.

further fyi I list below the journal impact for six
geophysical/climate/paleoclimate journals:

Paleoceanography 3.821
J. Climate 3.250
J. Geophysical Res. (Climate) 2.245
Geophysical Research Letters 2.150
The Holocene 1.852
Climate Research 1.016

Science and Nature are much higher (26-30) but there citation
numbers are I believe inflated with respect to our field because
their citation ranking also includes many very widely cited biology

hope to hear from you soon, Tom

Thomas J. Crowley
Nicholas Professor of Earth Systems Science
Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
Box 90227
103 Old Chem Building Duke University
Durham, NC 27708
919-684-5833 fax

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