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date: Fri Apr 25 16:11:28 2008
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: rd0 programs
to: Ian Harris <>

ok -- I'll make some new 2.5 degree normals files for pre, in Mark's binary format so they
should be able to be "slotted in". will let you know when they're ready.
At 15:57 25/04/2008, you wrote:

Hi Tim,
There are two rd0 programs. Here's an extract from my big READ_ME diary/file, from a
year or so ago:
20. Secondary Variables - Eeeeeek!! Yes the time has come to attack what evenTim seems
to have been unhappy about
(reading between the lines). To assist me I have 12 lines in the gridding ReadMe file..
so par for the course.
Almost immediately I hit that familiar feeling of ambiguity: the textsuggests using the
following three IDL programs:
So.. when I look in the code/idl/pro/ folder, what do I find? Well:
3447 Jan 22 2004 fromdpe1a/code/idl/pro/
2774 Jun 12 2002 fromdpe1a/code/idl/pro/
2917 Jan 8 2004 fromdpe1a/code/idl/pro/
2355 Jun 12 2002 fromdpe1a/code/idl/pro/
5880 Jan 8 2004 fromdpe1a/code/idl/pro/
In other words, the * scripts are much more recent than the *tdmscripts. There
is no way of knowing which Tim
used to produce the current public files. The scripts differ internally but - you
guessed it! - the descriptions at
the start are identical. WHAT IS GOING ON? Given that the'README_GRIDDING.txt' file is
dated 'Mar 30 2004' we will
have to assumethat the originally-stated scripts must be used.
I've just reviewed the file, and sure enough, it is designed to read
precip anomalies. specifically, it contains this line in both the 61-90 and full
pregrd(nland)=((pregrd(nland)/100.0)+1.0)*prenorm(nland) ; make pre anom into abs
There is nothing comparable in
So.. I'll have a play with this! Bearing in mind that the precip normals are probably up
the creek..
Ian "Harry" Harris
Climatic Research Unit
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ
United Kingdom

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